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30-09-2008, 16:48
black dragon
pendant of khaeleth
crimson death
armour of darkness

lvl 2 wizard
2 dispel scrolls 185pts

lvl2 wizard
seal of ghrond 170pts

10 xbowmen 100pts

10 xbowmen 100pts

20 corsairs
full command
reaver has 2 sets of handbows
sea serpent standard 250pts

5 c.o.k
full command
ring of hotek 200pts

5 shades

1 hydra 175pts

1 hydra 175pts


Any comments are welcome.

30-09-2008, 22:57
The triple monsters aside (which is a theme, so I'll not whine about the points expenditure), you can only have one Warbanner in your army.

Time of Madness
30-09-2008, 23:30
A tough army indeed. If you want to make it better here's a couple of pointers.

Drop the command on the cold one knights. Just give them a musician, very good unit for only 143pts.

The Corsairs are garbage in my opinion. I'd look at removing that unit entirely. Replace them with spearmen.

Run your crossbow units with only 10 guys.

With the extra points you can probally get some harpies or shades to help your dragon lord out.

Time of Madness

30-09-2008, 23:35
You have two talismans on your lord which is illegal, just transfer the Ring of Hotek to your CoK champion. Also on your lord drop the Hydra Blade and go for either Crimson Death or a lance; unless you want to spend another 30 points on the Potion of Strength the blade really isn't worth it as even 7 s4 attacks won't cut through armor well.

Drop the WB on the CoK's and get the Banner of Cold Blood instead. Hand bows imo are kinda useless with big units, simply put you won't maximize your shots with such a big unit and you lose a cc attack. I would do either two things: drop the WB and give them the frenzy standard making them a fearsome combat unit or (what I think would be the best for this list) drop them entirely for a unit of 25 spearelves, which will fit the static CR role much better. Two Hydras are awesome, but with the focus on shooting in the list with the RxB's why not add 2 RBT's? I think your list will be much more well rounded this way, allowing for you to weaken enemy shooting much more effectively so it does not hurt your dragon, which will most certainly be target numero uno.

30-09-2008, 23:47
Check out pages 120 and 121 for rules on magic items in your army, hopefully this will allow you to clear up a few issues in your list.

The rules are pretty much this: each character can have upto 1 of each type, only wizards may take arcane items, no item may be taken more than once in an army besides scrolls (both dispel scrolls and power stones count as scrolls). Only BSBs or a specifically indicated units may carry a magic banner. Only heroes with a mundane option for armour may take magic armour. Only heroes with a mundane option for shields may take magic shields.

Hopefully this stuff will help you.
Good luck :)

01-10-2008, 08:55
time of madness: I have a theme in my army that its a raiding party with monsters thats why i have corsairs in there I added some shades with great weapons I thought that that would work better than a chariot

harwammer: I read that page and thank you for pointing that out.

violadudester (i hope i spelled your name right): the corsairs don't losean attack they count as additional hand weapons thats what manager of my local store said anyway.

makarion: thanks for that mate

cheers huron

02-10-2008, 16:01
You have plenty of hitty units so you dont need to invest in corsairs. Drop them for 2 units of spearmen instead.

2 sorceresses tooled up for magic defence dont really need to be lv2. If you want to cast spells with them, be my guest, but i'd grab a darkstar cloak and a null talisman for gear and then stick her in one of your spearmen units to give some magic resisting loving to it.

You could justify the theme by reasoning that most dark elf beasts are from farther inland whereas corsairs do most of their raiding along the coast if that makes you more inclined to add spearmen.

02-10-2008, 18:36
violadudester (i hope i spelled your name right): the corsairs don't losean attack they count as additional hand weapons thats what manager of my local store said anyway

Well he is flat out wrong! GW staff are terrible at knowing their own rules. Think about it logically a) it doesn't say they count as additional hand weapons and b) you seriously think the handbow option would be free if this were the case!? :wtf: Why would you ever NOT take them?