View Full Version : 2.5 hopfully all comers list

30-09-2008, 20:16
Hows this for an all comers Lizard list? Decent anti-magic, units with a punch and plenty of screens.

4 Kroxigors- 232
4 Kroxigors- 232
4 Terridons- 140
18 Saurus- Musician, standard, BS Tepok- 264

2x 20 Saurus- Musician, standard- 258
10 skinks- Blowpipes, scouts 70
10 skinks- Javelins, scouts- 70
3x 10 Skinks- Javelins- 60

RARE: 430
3 Salamanders- 195
Stegadon- 235

HEROS: 363
Scar-Vet- Light armor, shield, great weapon, jag. Charm, Aura of Quetzl, BS Tepok, BS Quetzl- 148
Priest- Scroll Caddy- 115
Priest- diadem of power- 100

TOTAL: 2497
PD: 4
DD: 6 + 2 scrolls

30-09-2008, 20:24
Probably not the best idea to have the general rushing out of your army, or do you plan to run him in the skinks? Also what plan do you have in mind for the terradons?

Otherwise I'm sure it will do fine. You have enough skinks to provide cover and control charges, and then a bit of everything else.

02-10-2008, 15:50
Pretty solid looking. I dont see any gaping flaws other than a JSoD being your general. If you want a very fighty general, you could consider dropping the stegadon in favour of a carnosaur. I love carnosaurs and your terradons and scouting skinks could conceivably tie up their artillery. Or you could drop a kroxigor or 2 and invest in chameleon skinks, which are underrated but amazing. Again though, this is just something to think about and is very doable with a little bit of reconfiguring.

One thing: in order to make the most out of the diadem of power, the hero holding it must generate the power dice in order to carry them over as dispel dice, so your priest needs to be lv2 if you want to bring 2 pd to the opponent's turn.