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30-09-2008, 22:10
Hey up guys, some of you lovely people may have seen my force progressing in the Fantasy Painting Log section - and I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying painting these little fellows. ;) So I thought it was time to get down to some Armylisting, which I'm not very good at in any way or form... This is a sort of culmination list of things that I have put together, I don't know its effectiveness but I'm planning on removing things to fit my lovely unit of 20 Ironbreakers. But I don't know where to start...

Shield, Oath Stone, Rune of Fury, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Resistance

Master Engineer
Brace of Pistols, Rune of Shielding

Master Engineer
Dwarf Handgun, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Dismay

19 Dwarf Warriors
Full Command, Shields

20 Dwarf Warriors
Full Command, Shields

20 Thunderers
Full Command

20 Quarrellers
Full Command

20 Miners
Full Command, Steam Drill, Blasting Charges

Valiant Rune


Organ Gun

TOTAL - 1,987pts

Now I personally feel that it's looking a tiny bit gunliney... Especially with the Master Engineer's and the ability to slice the Thunderers and Quarrellers into two units of 10... Now as I said earlier I've got no idea how effective this could be, but I'm up for suggestions. I've also got 20 Ironbreakers and a Grudge Thrower to move around in there - but the main question is the second unit of Warriors.

Should I turn them into Longbeards or perhaps try out different things with them?

I'm totally up for people to totally rejig things around so please feel free to taunt me for my crappy list :)

All The Best_

01-10-2008, 00:00
Cut the xbows and thunderers to 10 a piece, drop the commands, but give both units shields. These guys are too expensive and are not there to form ranks and effectively fight in cc. As far as the machines go in the Dwarf army, cannons aren't really worth their points, I would change them out for 2 Bolt Throwers with Runes of Penetration to them, also add a Rune of Burning to one so you can dodge the rule of pride or whatever that is. Look at it this way: with two master engineers they'll most likely be hitting on 2's, wounding on 2's, never misfiring, and they can kill chariots in one hit just like a cannon. Also a dirty little combo I like to do is give runes of luck to the master engineers to re-roll any failed to-wound or to-hit rolls, almost making the machine fail-proof.

I would drop the miners, unless you'll be taking a Anvil of Doom, they'll be easily avoidable after the turn they come in and might not see combat. Is there anyway to get a lord on shield bearers and a unit of hammerers? Yes I know it's stock, but it is a rock hard unit and won't fail you when cc comes around. As you were saying about turning one unit of warriors into longbeards, do it, you don't want to disrupt your line from failed panic checks. Make the Thane a BSB and give him the MRoG and a Rune of Resistance to make him resilient in combat.

bork da basher
01-10-2008, 10:01
agree with violadudester here. thunderers and xbows should be no bigger than 10 and should always carry shields. firstly because you cant effectively deploy 40 models on your average sized hill along with warmachines etc and take shields because they then have 4+save in combat and with T4 it usually means they can hold out in combat or even be used as effective flankers at a pinch. remove all command models from the units its a waste. i'd ditch 10 of each, you'll find you dont really need that much and unless you decimate the enemy before combat begins your missile troops and few warrior blocks will be swamped. right now your running a semi gunline which is quite dull to play with and frustrating to play against. you'll either win big or loose big and your regular opponants will soon start finding ways to beat it.

2 cannons is 1 too many IMO. a pair of bolt throwers will do much better for the points. consequently a 2nd ME is redundant, a runesmith or a BSB would be far more useful.

IMO miners in big units dont work. they are unreliable and slow and without an anvil they generally get led around looking for a target thats a step ahead of them. take 8-10 or none at all and leave command and upgrades out too. there useful to hunt warmachine crews and slow march moves but a gyrocopter does it better for roughly the same points.
id drop the unit entirely and fine room for a unit of hammerers or ironbreakers who can hold down your line and compete with the best of enemy elites. stuff a BSB and a lord in there and you have a immovable object that hits like a tonne of bricks, keeps your line together and provides a solid charecter able to take on any enemy lord/heroes in a scrap.
if you do go for a lord i always put mine on shieldbearers, the extra AS and immune to killing blow are great and the extra attacks well worth it for 25pts. a rune of stone and a great weapon is all i take so its nice n cheap too but trick it out with runes if you need to.

01-10-2008, 13:03
Cool beans guys cheers for your write ups! So much information to take in at once. Right well I think I'll take your advice on the Miners, I wasn't sure on the massive unit myself but it seemed like a a good idea *Not sure why now really, was probably the massive drill.* I noticed that a lot of Dwarfen lists here had 10 squads of Thunderers and Quarrellers so I'll cut them down to that number and remove the command as you've said. I was wondering though, how could they be set up? As a line of 10 or two lines of 5, I'm guessing the first?

But yeah, I'll remove the Miners, add my unit of Ironbreakers. And I think I'll replace one of the cannons with a Bolt Thrower too as it seems to sound like a more logical choice - but I'm still unsure about the Grudge Thrower's effectiveness...

Lastly, the Lord of Shieldbearers was a definate - I just need to get him and work out exactly what I want him to be.

Cheers for your advice guys, you've got me thinking proper good now :)

bork da basher
01-10-2008, 14:05
on a hill always two ranks of 5 because all 10 can fire and you still retain a rank bonus. if you have to deploy on the flat then a row of 10 is ok you just need to be careful with deployment as it can take up alot of space and make things arkward to manouvre about.