View Full Version : Cheap-Chirpy TOMB KINGS - um, uh - 1200 pts? I'll check on Army Builder tonight ...

01-10-2008, 08:12
I got some toy skeletons a while ago that I converted with some spare bitz - they stand on 40mm bases - I came up with the notion of using them to fill out ranks of skeletons. (My original idea was to use them as Ogre Kingdoms - a butcher, bruiser, two six-bull units and four leadbelchers, but it didn't sit right, ogres not having undead rules and all. Hey ho.)

From there on, I use spare bits for a couple of tomb swarms then buy a few showcase models that I'd love to paint and - ta-da - cheap(ish) army.

Here's a rough breakdown (bear in mind I'm a bit fluffy, as well as cheap):

Tomb Prince in chariot (plus a few do-hickeys, about 50 points worth)*

Liche Priest with Casket of Souls (plus various magical niceties)

Tomb Prince battle standard bearer (plus a nice banner)**

25 Skeleton Warriors (light armour, shields, spears + standard, musician, champion)***

25 Skeleton Warriors (light armour, shields, spears + standard, musician, champion)***

2 tomb swarms

* I'll use the Settra the Imperishable model, because he has a nice looking chariot.

** Oh - I can't do this without the Queen Khalida model, so she'll have to do as my BSB. That's two proxies now, plus the toy skellies ... clearly this won't be a tourney-friendly army, but I had an unpleasant experience at a tournament once. I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!:mad::cries:

*** This is where those converted toys with the 40mm bases go.

Okay, so it's rather Hero heavy, but how do you think it'll perform on the field of battle? And do you think more infantry is a must?

As I said in the subject line, I reckon it's about 1200 points, but I will check tonight and post up a detailed list with points values, upgrades, etc.

As I always play with myself :angel: so I'm not worried about offending my opponent (or should I be? I'd rather not go through all this painting just to upset myself at the battle board.) I'd just like to hear some thoughts on how the army will perform and any glaring errors in the composition.