View Full Version : 1000pts, Tomb Kings-First List, looking for help

01-10-2008, 10:21
Hi there I have played 40k for about 8 years on and off and was recently looking at getting into fantasy. I have picked up the TK codex and have made this list.

Now I just thought I would post it to get some comments before I go out and buy all the models.

Tomb Prince: Chariot, spear of antarhak, light armour, shield
Liche Priest: cloak of the dunes, hieratic jar

16x skeletons: bows
16x skeletons: shields, light armour
8x Heavy Horsemen: Champion, standard bearer

3x Chariots: Standard bearer
tomb scorpian

Basically this list would be able to be put together using the army box, a scorpian, tomb prince on chariot and liche priest models.

Oh and this is a 1000 point list.

01-10-2008, 12:23
You'll struggle at 1000 pts against many armies.

We have to have a hero and a priest whereas other armies can do without one or the other and use those points to beef up their units.

I might go for 12 archers and 20 HW/Shield/Lt Armour to get full rank bonus, maybe even 10 + 22 (to allow for a few casualties)

01-10-2008, 14:00
Downside of this army is that all your power comes from one chariot unit. If this one is destroyed you'll be massacred. Try building two chariot units (just 3 chariots without command for 120 points gives you a good punch for the points value) or use a giant (he's rediculously resistant to damage!). Also an option: add a tomb scorpion - he's well worth the points value!

You'll need strength... and more than one tomb prince and a tomb scorpion.