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Ranger S2H
01-10-2008, 13:15
how much reloads should give to my characters?
I want them to have enough, but if the players start spraying all over the place i want them to run out so they'll be forced to improvise.

01-10-2008, 14:06
It's very rarely that I ever seen a character run out of ammo from even a single clip. Generally, I'd say to take a look at your model and work out how much ammo you reckon they could reasonably be carrying that they can get to quickly (on bandoliers, in hip pouches or strapped to the side of the existing mag, say) and follow that as a guideline. I've got a gunslinger who doesn't carry any reloads because there's nowhere, realistically, he could put them. On the other hand, I've got a mercenary with masses of reloads because he's dripping in webbing, pouches, bandoliers and packs and, in any case, it suits his character as a battle-hardened grunt to always have reloads.


08-10-2008, 19:30
there's only a few cases I've ever seen anyone need to reload more than once..

- massed abuse of full auto fire
- A pair of Inquisitors in Power Armor firing at each other with stubbers
- a Demon Hunter I run who uses a Highly customised Stubber, that due to the
enlarged caliber of the rounds is only able to hold 7 rounds in the clip

whenever I GM a game, unless there's a really good reason, most people are only going to be carrying one reload, and even that they rarely need.

if you want them running out and having to improvise, I'd not let anyone have a reaload except in extreme cases. ESPECIALY if they're toting a bolter.. there's not a lot you can't put down with 20 Bolter rounds.

Lord Inquisitor
08-10-2008, 19:35
An old maxim I always stand by:

If it takes more than 20 bolter rounds to take something down, maybe you should leave it alone...

09-10-2008, 23:23
exactly.. if your GM was nice enough to write up a carnifex and put it in front of you.. perhaps stealth is a better idea..

or running..


10-10-2008, 09:19
If it takes more than 20 bolter rounds to take something down, maybe you should leave it alone...

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