View Full Version : 2,5 k High Elves led by Prince on sun dragon

01-10-2008, 14:04
I used this army against an orc and goblin army and crushed them. What do you think about the list:

Prince, sun dragon, star lance, armour of caledor, sacred incense 450
mage, level 2, dispel scroll 155
mage, level 2, dispel scroll 155
Commander, barded elven steed, heavy armour, shield, lance, ring of fury, 151
10 archers, 110
18 spearmen, full command 187
18 white lions, full command 300
2 lion chariots, 280
8 shadow warriors, shadow walker, 140
10 silver helms, shields, full command, 270

2 RBT's, 200
2 great eagles, 100

Total: 2498

01-10-2008, 19:41
:DNice to see somebody still giving Silver Helms a little light exercise LION

01-10-2008, 21:49
list looks cool, would probably make the noble a bsb for th eextra cc res, and re-roll of break tests. Does he go with the silver helms?