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01-10-2008, 22:17
I was looking around what the warriors of chaos had to offer and came up with this:

-Kholek Suneater
-Troll King Throgg
-Chaos Sorcerer, lvl1, chariot, DSx2

-Trolls(with troll king) x3
-Marauder Horsemen x5
-Marauder Horsemen x6

-Dragon Ogres, GW, Champion
-Dragon Ogres, GW, Champion


Troll king makes the trolls core, also he has an ability that works as if he was a BsB for monsters.


bork da basher
01-10-2008, 22:44
the army doesnt seem to work for me at all. far far too many points on charecters, no ranks and about 25 models on the table. my advice is either drop kolek and max out on throgs trollhorde or drop throg and the trolls and get some ranks in there, also what purpose does a level 1 mage have sitting in a chariot? drop the chariot and turn him into a proper sorcerer or ditch him entirely.

your relying on big hitty monsters far too much. a semi decent shooting army will decimate them and ranks and outnumbering will beat them every time. if your gonna go all monster mash then do it proprely and dont spend huge points on special charecters who most armies can kill with a round of firing. kolek is the same points as 2 shaggoths with some change and i know which id rather pick.

personnally id ditch kolek, throg to lead, 3 units of trolls as core, dragon ogres but with XHW not GW so they strike last. shaggoth and giant or two shaggoths or two giants for rare and fill the gaps with warhounds or something to screen and block charges with.

as it stands if i had to play against i wouldnt be worried in the slightest.

01-10-2008, 22:59
i guess i was trying to make a list FOR Kholek, the sorcerer is there for the dispell scrolls,and trogg works as a BSB. i am planning on charging on turn 2 so the marauders are there for screening my dragon ogres, kholek, maybe the chariot, which are the ones hitting first, then there is the second speed that the giant and the trolls have.

01-10-2008, 23:47
According to the summary, only sorcerer lords and chaos lords can take a chariot. Not sure if you have better information or not.

Kolek is better then two shaggoths, he really is. The lightning strike ability, coupled with an acceptable AS and improved T, give him the edge he needs. Whether Kolek or two shaggoths are worth their points in 2K is an entirely different matter.

GW's are better for the DOgres then the extra hand weapons. They will cleave through light infantry either way, and are much more effective against elite infantry, other monsters, and S7 lets them smash chariots. They have such low I that they will almost always strike last anyways.

I planned a very similar army to this, and decided that Kolek was just too expensive. While I have no doubt he can work in 2K, making him work is going to be very difficult, and I would rather have another 10 trolls and some warhounds when it comes right down to it.

02-10-2008, 00:54
at least i would win against VC easy, going for the lord with 7A S8 D3 wounds

02-10-2008, 01:41
Killing the lord is very, very easy with WoC. A unit of GW DOgres or some chaos trolls or a steed of slaanesh champ could do it too. The trouble is getting to him. Kolek will never reach the lord because he is so hard to maneuver around zombie and skelly tarpits. Agaisnt undead, keeping Kolek back to take out varghulfs and knights and coachs is your best option, and never send him out alone or he will get tarpitted until the game is over.

For undead, dropping the giant for more trolls would help a great deal. Trolls are already immune to fear, and with Throg they will stay in the fight, and move fast enough to set up multiple charges on poorly placed enemy units. They put out a good number of hits against even the strongest undead, and regen helps keep them safe from knights and vampires. US 3 protects them from wight blades, so that isn't a problem either.

02-10-2008, 05:20
well where i play(peru), the VC players dont use cavalry, any of em, they all have a ton of infantry, between ghouls and w/e else, some corpse carts, usually 2 with the -1 to cast thingy and a vargaulf. i was just planning on charging straight ahead for the Lord, i wont challenge him just direct attacks at him, counting on the fact that the other player forgets his chapion can challenge me.

Also there is a guy who plays empire w/ War altar and 2 tanks, and it would be a nice chance to blow those metal junks.

For the rest of the times, if i cant win, thats that, ill just have fun with the giant's special attacks, being that my main objective, having fun.

02-10-2008, 05:50
I actually like the list, Kholec+Troll king seems to me like a nice set for characters. Sorcerers can ride chariots and it cost them 100pts.

As for critism i think i would let the giant go, you could use 2-3 units of hounds and maybe Scyla for more support.

02-10-2008, 06:00
but the giant is soooooooo much fun!