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02-10-2008, 00:00
I was putting together an Alaitoc army the other day just for fun (trying to stay fluffy) and thought. Hey! why not put a Defense avenger squad in a serpent and leave some spears in reserve to complement the lack of assault stuff in that style army.

But then i thought, would eldar aspects, and grav tanks like that really be part of an eldar scout expeditionary force? Certainly scorpions would be a bit more likely.

Anyways the queation that i have is, what do eldar geopolitcal/social boundaries work like. Would there be an aspect temple out on some random asteroid all by it's lonesome, or are those type of things predominantly in major city centres. Also, are there "outskirts" of a craftworld, or just unpopulated sections like the engines. Bearing in mind that engines large enough to push a planet would be the size of.... well... at least Canada... only warmer.

do tell me your thoughts

02-10-2008, 00:14
hmm, i'd imagine if they weren't established somewhere within a ship, whether it be a craftworld, or just one of the larger spacecraft, might there be some within the cities of the webway.

02-10-2008, 06:22
Craftworlds are domed and tunneled. There's stories where craftworlders fighting planetside remark "the open sky is an uncomfortable thing to be under"

Iyanden is described to have many abandoned areas simply because their population was massively depleted.

Saim Hann probably has more open airspace, since they love to fight in the skies. I think they remark that Saim hann Households battle each other for territory within the craftworld, but most other Eldar consider that barbaric.

and Aspect Temples nowadays are in major craftworlds, the originals are remarked to have been destroyed over the millenia.

02-10-2008, 08:32
The picture of the interior of lugganath in the 5th ed rulebook looks like it has quite a lot of open space (if in a huge dome), though the picture of the Dire Avenger in the craftworld looks a lot more tunnelled in the CWE codex.

Suffice to say, Craftworlds are probably massive structures that have grown from what they originally were so they probably have quite a lot of variance within it.

02-10-2008, 09:28
As for the scouting thing, I don't see why not? Scorpions are great if you know where the enemy is, so you can sneak up on them and spy and such. But when a more speedy reconaisance (sp?) is needed I can definatly imagine some gravtanks and aspect bikers doing the work, especially when the area is hostile.

02-10-2008, 09:31
Keep in mind that the Eldar have become similar to a nomadic race, so aside from the maiden worlds, borders don't usually hold strick definition.

Gorbad Ironclaw
02-10-2008, 09:54
Eldars will use whatever force they deem appropriate and they have at hand at the time. With the web ways there are ways to get troops and equipment most places, and Grav Tanks are fairly nimble.

Could I also just add that your general Alaitoc army wouldn't be any different from what most other craftworlds would use? You have a higher than average number of eldars trying the Path of the Outcast from Alaitoc, and yes, they do help there craftworld when they are around, but it doesn't necessarily translate into huge armies of scouts. But then, IMO, the current Eldar codex gets it wrong as well. It's the aspects that's the core of the army, not Guardians.

Anyway, as for where you would find aspect shrines it's pretty simple. They exist as far as I know only on Craftworlds. I don't remember hearing about any Craftworld style Eldars building permanent ground based cities anymore. The only planet bound ones seems to be the Exodites, and they don't follow the paths in the same way that the Craftworlders do. And the Dark Elders obviously doesn't either.

02-10-2008, 11:02
It's the aspects that's the core of the army, not Guardians.Ehrm, in the latest Eldar codex, the Dire Avenger do set the core of an eldar force, with all the other aspect warriors. Guardians are only there to assist (according to the background lore), and to command support weapons, if necessarily.

02-10-2008, 11:05
I guess the Craftworlders would use those on the Path of the Outcast and other Outcasts (pirates, exodites, etc) as their scouts. However, if there is some actual fighting (as in battles/war) going they will primarily be using Aspects Warriors. The Guardians are only deployed when things are most desperate unless they also have professional Guardians like Ulthwe has. (which I think they do, but GW ignores this in order to create more armylists and sell more stuff)

02-10-2008, 11:11
Exodites aren't outcasts.
As for those who follow the path of the Outcast, it is them who lend their craftworld their aid, and the craftworld accepts it, because they are good at it, and also because they hope that the outcasts will return home to lead a sheltered path-life and forget their adventurus hectic life. The most dangerous thing that could happen to an Eldar following the Outcast path (actually not really a path, but more like the rest that falls outside the conventional path system) is that they will become so adamant against following the path, that they become entrapped on staying outsiders, unable to join any eldar community for long, and living a dangerous life that puts their soul to harm.

02-10-2008, 16:20
Could I also just add that your general Alaitoc army wouldn't be any different from what most other craftworlds would use.

Also i just went back and re-read the Alairoc entry in the eldar 'dex, amd it says that they very strictly adhere to the path system. So not only would they represent your general eldar army... they would be REALLY eldar-ish. Perhaps even a higher frequency of Exarchs as well?

Inq. Veltane
02-10-2008, 16:55
Yeah, the Eldar don't have geopolitical boundaries as we know them. They have the craftworlds, which are all independent, then the Exodite Worlds (which are simply worlds that nomadic eldar tribes roam). Maiden Worlds are very rarely settled, they are much more a case of the Eldar feel them to still be theirs but they have no use for them. There are no Eldar cities on planets and all the Temples are on Craftworlds.

Alaitoc would very rarely send all Scouts to achieve something. The purpose of Rangers and Pathfinders is to... watch and observe. The Craftworld itself will then, generally, attack and that attack is likely to be all Mechanised and very swift unless a Webway Gate happens to be within a few miles of the target (very unlikely). As such the most common Alaitoc Force is one containing 1-3 Ranger squads backed up by Serpents, Falcons, Jetbikes, Wraithlords etc etc.

02-10-2008, 19:36
1.) Nowadays (after the fall), there is no well defined Eldar realm, only nomadic craftworlds, exodite worlds, maiden worlds, all connected by the webway. So you don't have boundaries.
2.) Dire Avengers ARE Aspect warriors, just the most common.
3.) Maiden worlds are not "useless", they are lifeless worlds terraformed by the Eldar for future settlements. Sometimes other races settle there not being aware (or interested) that they inhabit a world created by Eldar.
4.) Exodites settled their worlds before the fall. So they adhere to no path, not even the path of the Outcasts.
5.) I am sure that there are less inhabited regions within a craftworld. Esp. Iyanden must have a lot of space after most of the population was killed by Tyranids.