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Brother Muninn
02-10-2008, 00:37
After happening across their entry on the Lexicanum I fell head over heels with the idea of a Fire Angels army. While the site itself offered very little in regards to the chapter I thought i'd come to you good gamers to see if anyone might've extrapolated on their origin/background beyond the provided fluff.

Here's what Lexicanum had to say:

The Fire Angels are a Space Marine chapter of unstated origins. They fought on the loyalist side during the Badab War. In one incident during the war, the rebel Astral Claws launched a suicidal counter-attack against an Imperial military salient, a squadron of Rhinos breaking through the Fire Angels' lines and detonating a virus missile, causing more deaths in one day than the Fire Angels had suffered so far.

Judging from the fact that the single virus missile caused "more deaths in one day than the Fire Angels had suffered so far" could suggest that it's a relatively young chapter at that point. The 26th founding took place a scant 200 years prior to the Badab War, so it's possible that's where they came from. the next earliest specifically dated founding was 1,000 years prior in M40, although it was unstated.

Similarly, while the odds are good that their seed originated from Ultramarine stock, given the name, it's feasible that they came from Dark Angels, Blood Angels, or even Salamanders.

Of the other chapters that participated in the badab war, four other homeworlds are known. While I don't know where any of them are in relation to the conflict, but it could stand to reason that if they are not fleet based their base of operations are in the vicinity of Badab, since the war only lasted around a decade.

Any other thoughts?

02-10-2008, 05:21
If I were to guess the origins of their seed, I would have to go with the Ultramarines. Mainly do to their closer similarity to the Fire Hawks (who get theirs from the Ultramarines) rather than the Dark Angels or Blood Angels. But who knows, Im probably wrong.

02-10-2008, 05:27
Yeah I doubt that they're a Dark Angels successor Chapter, there was a good debate that supports why here: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163422. Smerfs are ther likely canidate, more so than Blood Angels (a lack of Red Thirst mention makes me lean towards no). There are other Chapters (not Space Wolf though) who could be possibilities but the chances are Ultramarines since their geneseed is the town bike of the Imperium when it comes to spawning new Chapters.

02-10-2008, 06:04
After further digging, its possible that they could be like the Relictors, who were once called Fire Claws. They are believed to have been created from Ultramarines and Dark Angels gene-seed. That would make a little more sense, given their name.

Brother Muninn
02-10-2008, 22:50
Well there's no way of knowing really. I was just saying that the name itself could be a hint. the known Dark Angel's successors all have a "*blank* of *blank*" kind of name, like "Angels of Absolution." A fair number of the Blood Angels successors have something to do with blood or red in the name.

It's likely Ultramarine stock, but I figured I'd extrapolate