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02-10-2008, 16:32
Maelstrom Grenade

This piece of wargear may be used by any army. For Tyranids, for example, it takes the form of a churning goiter of glowing bio-plasma that is spat out by the brood organism. For Imperial Guard, it is an experimental and temperamental piece of technology undergoing field tests. For Orks, it is something that their Mek crafted while so drunk he cannot remember how he made it, but is dying for someone to try it out for him and see what it does. So what does it do?

It is a lower-powered version of the Vortex Grenade from Apocalypse, albeit with some fun and interesting features of its own.

Range: 12"
Strength: 7
AP: 4
Assault, Large Blast

This ranged weapon may be carried by any model, excluding vehicles. One use only. Place the centre of the large blast template within range and roll for scatter as normal. Given the range and the size of the blast, it would be best to use a model with high BS to throw this!

Maelstrom: Units are sent flying by the powerful forces unleashed. After resolving all hits and removing casualties, roll a scatter dice for each unit (including vehicles, immobile vehicles and wrecks) even partially under the template and move them 2D6 inches in the direction shown. If you get a "hit" result, move the unit in the direction shown by the small arrow on the hit symbol for a distance equal to the higher of the two dice rolled (ie not the total). The unit's move will be stopped by the table edge, other units (friendly or enemy) or impassable terrain. If the move is stopped by an enemy unit place them within 1", not in base to base. Roll the scatter dice for vehicles and place them facing in the direction shown by the scatter dice. If you get a hit result, use the small arrow on the hit symbol.

Note that if a unit is unfortunate enough to be thrown underneath another maelstrom, that unit will immediately suffer the effects of that maelstrom as well! And so on...

Plasma Instability: The energy maelstrom will move randomly around the table, but is not stable and may run out of energy at any moment. On rare occasions it can also be drawn towards plasma weapons, attracted by the powerful energy at their core. At the beginning of every player Turn after it is first thrown, roll a D6. On a 5+ the maelstrom runs out of energy and dissipates, vanishing from the table. Remove the template. On any other result, the maelstrom scatters 2D6 inches during the Shooting phase that follows. If you get a "hit" result, however, move the maelstrom in the direction of the nearest plasma weapon on the table (this includes plasma pistols, plasma rifles, combi-plasma, plasma guns, bio-plasma biomorphs, plasma cannon, and anything else with plasma in its name). If the holder of the nearest plasma weapon is within range of the 2D6 distance rolled, do not move it the full distance but instead move the maelstrom so that the hole is directly over the weapon holder. If there are no plasma weapons on the table, move the maelstrom in the direction shown by the small arrow on the hit symbol. The maelstrom can pass over/ through impassable terrain, but if any part of the maelstrom moves over a table edge, remove the maelstrom from play.

Seething Column of Primal Energy: The maelstrom blocks line of sight through and over it. No unit may move onto or through the maelstrom (the only exception being the one given above, where one maelstrom may throw a unit into the path of another), and a maelstrom effectively counts as impassable terrain (eg. for the purposes of deepstriking or Lash etc).

Recharging the Maelstrom: Friendly and enemy units may target their fire at any maelstrom on the table (subject to all the normal range and line of sight rules, although the maelstrom has infinite height for line of sight purposes). The maelstrom gets no saves from shooting, nor is it necessary to roll to wound the maelstrom. For every shot that hits the maelstrom apply the following changes to the maelstrom for the next player Turn only:-

Strength of shot hitting the Maelstrom Effect

5 or less None.

6 -1 to the roll to see if the maelstrom dissipates, although a roll of 6 will always result in it vanishing.

7 The above result AND add 1 to the Strength of the maelstrom. If the maelstrom becomes Strength 10 then any further increase will result in it becoming Strength D.

8 or higher Both above results AND reduce the AP by 1 to a minimum of 1.

I have not put any cost on this, since I am going to use it in the following fashion:-

Next time I adjudicate a game, I will tell one of the players, in secret, that he has a single Maelstrom Grenade to use. I will tell him its basic stats, but not tell him any of its more – inconvenient – abilities. Then I will tell the other player, in secret, the exact same thing. Once they actually use it, I will fill them in on the rest of the rules. Should be fun!