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13-11-2005, 02:58
Thought I would post up the(very) basic outline of the fluff for my AdMech force, any suggestions are welcome.

(No Title) was one of the multitude of Forge Worlds founded by the first Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleets during the closing centuries of the Age of Strife. Located in the galactic South West, in what is now the Segmentum Tempestus, (No Title) cut out it's own small empire, ruling over half a dozen Knight Worlds.

With the fall of the Eldar came an end to the warp storms which had for so long besieged the galaxy, and soon after the Omnissiah was to launch his Great Crusade to reunite Humanity. As the Imperial Army fought those who would resist the Omnissiah, the population of (No Title) worked tirelessly to upload the technology they had gathered to the Temple of All Knowledge on Mars.

Barely half way through the process, garbled news of Horus' betrayal reached (No Title), and a terrible set of events was set in motion. Around a third of the higher ranking Tech Priests wished to side with Horus, while the remainder remained as loyalists. The greatest test of the Adeptus Mechanicus' loyalty was on Mars, but the battle on (No Title) was no less destructive. Ancient weapons of terrible power sundered the landscape, laying waste to the massive factory complexes and databanks. Before the loyalists could finally overpower the traitor forces, they detonated a massive stockpile of nukes, killing nearly 700 million Tech Guard on both sides and rendering 87% of the planet's landmass uninhabitable.

The greatest casualty, though, was the Great Temple, it's transmitters and memory banks destroyed by the EMP shockwave. Countless centuries worth of precious knowledge was lost, and the transmission to Mars was ended. The final stages of the battle for (No Title) were bloody but quick, the few remaining traitor soldiers no match for the holy fury such desecration prompted in the loyalists.

The survivors took stock and found that all they had worked for had been lost. (No Title) was a radioactive wasteland, it's factories in ruins, and all but one of the Knight Worlds nearby were in much the same state.

It took over four centuries for the Adeptus Mechanicus presence in the area to recover, and in it's current form is one of the more unusual worlds in their domain. Londis(working title), the last surviving Knight World from the original settlement of the region, now plays host to their Mechanicus rulers.

Londis itself operated under a Monarchy for a long period before the first arrival of the Mechanicus, and continued under the system until the time of the Heresy. A single ruling family sat on the throne, with dozens of nobles ruling over individual portions of land. The same hierarchy still exists in the current day, although the titles of the noble families are honourary.

The Monarch rules in conjunction with a council of the highest ranking Tech Priests, and although they technically have the final say on all affairs relating to the surface of the world, most of the time they will defer to the wishes of the Priests.

The domain of the Adeptus Mechanicus is in the sky above Londis, on the gigantic Forge Moons. Seven natural satellites of various sizes orbit Londis, and all were settled and developed by the survivors of the battle on (No Title). Now they exist in an odd synergy; in exchange for a say in the governing of the surface and the mineral wealth below it, the people of Londis reap the benefits of the Mechanicus' technology.

Centuries of industrialisation have taken their toll on Londis, however, and today much of the surface is covered in sprawling manufactories and hive cities. The toxic pollutants spewed out by the manufactories have forever altered the atmosphere, resulting in almost constant banks of smog and frequent downpours of acid rain.

The Great Hive is still heavily divided by the old class systems, with the nobility living a life of decadence, riding through the cobbled streets in steam powered Scuttle-Cabs and feasting on imported delicacies, while the working classes toil as servants, in the factory complexes or beneath the earth in the deep ore works.

Their experiances during the Heresy have resulted in the rules of Londis placing an extraordinary emphasis on the gathering and protection of knowledge, over and above that of the normal Mechanicus dogma, and heavily armed Explorator forces departing from the world are a regular occurance.

That's it for now as I need to go to bed, heh. Ill expand it later once Ive had some input from you lot. I intend to give Londis(if it keeps that name) a heavy Steampunk theme.

Brother Smith
13-11-2005, 12:36
Me like. Needs a name though ;).

Black Templar
13-11-2005, 15:10
Its a good bit of fluff, good luck on thinking of a name.

18-11-2005, 16:46
nice fluff I like the part about the nukes may have to steal....i mean use for inspiration.