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13-11-2005, 04:39
Hi, my names brian, and i like long walks on the beach....

So anyways, Ive decided to take up fantasy, and with it, a VC army.

I was drawn to the sylvanian list after researching, and a couple months of fine tuning has produced the following list, which i intend to run at a tournament at the end of this year. my question, aside from any general advice, is am I making an mistakes (model wise) that i will regret having put the time into in the future?

1999 pt Army of Sylvania list

Vamp lord-LV 3, GW, book or arkhan, ring of the night, summon wolves, earthbind
Vamp thrall-GW, HA/shield, summon wolves, earthbind, wolf lord
Vamp thrall-GW, HA/shield, spectral attendants, earthbind

20 Militia, Full Command (free LA/spears)
20 Levy (free LA/spears)
20 Levy (free LA/spears)

3X3 fell bats
2x6 dire wolves
6 dire wolves, scouts

8 black knights, banner of barrows

*lord should have black periapt/power familiar for more magic phase power
*a thrall should be wolf form/hauberk, or mounted
*all 3 characters should have summon wolves
*drakenhoff banner? size of knights?
*wolves could be dropped to 5 apeice to play with equipment on thralls


whats the consensus on the sword of unholy power?

13-11-2005, 15:17
Well I like, the list. But I think you better could use a count instead of the Lord. The Count safes you some points for a knight and indeed a Thrall is better of in the unit of Black knights. Maby even splitting them up is a great option.

The summom wolves is a cool idea but I think it isn't really needed. You have enough beast to kill warmachine crew and flanks, so I think splitting up the black knights would be better.

The banner of barrows is okay, and the sword also.

13-11-2005, 20:23
Well, its the magic the lord provides that is key, and i don't know what you mean by saving points for a knight.

the sylvanian list limits black knights to a single slot

14-11-2005, 11:34
Keep the lord, he's a winner in the sylvanian list

I probably wouldn't bother with the militia, levy are far better IMO, because you get to raise +1 per die rolled, can make a big difference.

You've got a lot of wolves and bats, I don't think summon wolves is that necessary, especially without the banner to increase their numbers.

Wolf lord does nothing on a thrall, as far as I'm aware, it only affects the vampire who has it, so it has to be on your lord, and will never affect the gravemarkers.

Banshee can prove really useful, or really useless, personally I prefer a coach if I can fit it in over her, seeing as you have the slots free, but you'll have to give up something to find the points for it, however it would give you the second hitty unit on top of the knights.

The knights are also going to be a target for all heavy shooting (warmachines) and magic. You might consider mounting a thrall and giving him earthbind and walking death, switch the banner of the barrows for the +1 to combat res and you start out with +2.

Anyway good luck with it all...

Edit: ohh forgot, try and get at least one dispel scroll on the lord, it can prove invaluable. And seeing as he's a lord, you can probably get away without the ward save, but other people will probably disagree with that, it's probably best to try him out both ways and see how he goes, but he's a hard nut to crack.

14-11-2005, 12:17
well, i would love to drop that 30 pt ward save for something better, but i just cant fathom a 400 pt model with no armor save. i realize a 5+ sucks as it is, and hell be safe within a unit, but i dont know. i too would really like a dispell scroll.

wolf lord...description doesnt say anything about prerequisites, just that the vamp has a new ability. but im not sure i like it anyways.

all the bats/wolves/summon wolves are to tip the magic/warmachine battle in my favor. additionally, ive been pondering making points for 2 coaches, and they would be even more invaluable at dropping warmachines.

14-11-2005, 12:55
You can never have more than one coach

14-11-2005, 14:30
sylvanian lists get 2.

just to clarify, i was talking about the bats/wolves at being invaluable

Ogre bull
14-11-2005, 21:01
yes, sylvanian army can get 2 coaches, but they fill special slot.

24-03-2006, 04:24
I just can't bring myself to bring coaches. 1 cannon shot = 200 pts gone :cries:

24-03-2006, 05:09
They're cheeper in a Sylvanian armylist.

I run 2 coaches and its bloody mean in a armylist where you can have second turn rear charging units(4 x summon wolves + the drakenof banner).

Coaches are pretty had to kill outside of getting hit by a cannon balls, since you can protect them against str7 charging hero's alot of the time. They'll draw alot of fire away from your hero's and rank and file units, which IMO are the game winning units.

24-03-2006, 10:49
I would drop some of the bats and take a 2 units of 4. 2 is not a good number as you cannot autobreak artillery and require kills to win. Keep the dire wolves as these give speed to the army and with several units force your oppenet to shoot at the dire wolves as oppsed to your black knights and even 2/3 get through to artillery they stand a good chance of autobreaking most types.

8 is not a good number for black knights, 6-7 in a line for maximum frontage is a better choice when playing without characters.

And wolf lord allows the bearer to summon wolves with invocation, as a thrall can't cast it is a waste of points.