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Dark Apostle197
03-10-2008, 00:48
So, one day I was looking through a friends DE codex (for first time, while wanting to get back into fantasy) and went "Wow, I really like this army, especially Black Gaurd (Which are actually good!:P) and Lokhir... So...

Dread Lord
Crimson Death
Armour of Darkness
Pendant of Khaeleth 225

Lokhir Fellheart 250

Lvl 2 sorceress
Tome of Furion
Seal of Ghrond 180

Lvl 2 sorceress
2 scrolls 185

10 Xbowmen 100

10 Xbowmen 100

10 Corsairs 100

10 corsairs 100

5 shades w/ great weapons 90

20 black gaurd
Full com
Standard of Hag Greaf 330

20 black gaurd
Full com
dread banner 335
*Dread lord


P.S Played three games. One was shooty magic HE with 4 RBTs, Teclis, two mages, and that magic banner of more dice... Soooo boring btw. Basically, Lohkir and 7 of hit body gaurd made it to HE lines, got charged by big block of swordmasters, which didn't get to atatck before fleeing.

Another against daemons, both black gaurd units basically killed anything that charged them that wasn't a blood thirster.

Third game stupid dice rolls on both sides, plus wanting to see movie meant we ended game like turn three.

P.P.S Tower of Blessed Dread is an actual Tower right? Not black ark?

Lord Dan
03-10-2008, 06:03
That's a lot of points in two units. A lot. I'm not a fan of point sinks, but I suppose if you're doing well then more power to you.