View Full Version : Vampire Counts...Help me please!!

13-11-2005, 09:20
I dont no more what to do...this is my list
Blood Dragon Lord@741
Wristbands of Black Gold
Red Fury
Heart Piercing
Strengh of Steel
Magic Level 3
Great Weapon
Zombie Dragon

Power Familiar
Magic Level 2

2*16 Skeletons@286
Standart, Musician

2*5 Dire Wolfs@100

2*5 Ghouls@80

16 Grave Guard@226
Standart Musician

9 Black Knights@231
Standart Musician

1 Spirit Host@65

6 Fell Bats@120


Help me Please...!!

13-11-2005, 09:34
needs more magic... another necro is in order...
drop the knights down a bit, and add more grave guard...

and, egads man! that vamp is far to costly!

drop him to a count, and put him on a pony with the knioghts, on foot with the grave guard. a large target qwith onloy a 5+ ward is going *SPLAT* very quickly. take this lord in 3k+. 2k is to small for him... trust me... 3 necros and a count on foot, with a larger unit of grave guard...

13-11-2005, 10:28
if you get a necro with the 50 point book (dont remember the name) the book that gives -1 to hit, and you have a lord with ws 10 AND -2 (!!!!!) to hit.. but ****** sakes he is expensive! (if he is on the zombie dragon)

13-11-2005, 14:22
I also think the Blooddragon on Dragon is really expencive. Maby you should just put a count on a horse in the Black knight unit. And indeed take another necromancer.

But If you want to have a lord on a dragon just give the necro 2 dispell scrollsn and split up the black knights for 2x 6 or 2x5 .

The bats are huge, I don't know if they have a 0-1 restriction but if not, maby you should drop the ghouls and split up the knights for more hitting power.

Tormentor of Slaanesh
13-11-2005, 18:20
if your general is on a dragon then you're troops will be slowed and without much magic you'll get your general kiled and then your army will collapse.
have more spirit hosts and another necromancer with the points you'll save from the dragon.

14-11-2005, 05:45
dragon in 2k man i mean come on, drop him to a count pop him on a horse get some more guys. this isnt the edition of herohammer you need units in 6th edition >.<