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03-10-2008, 14:14
Whew....now it's gonna happen, I'm gonna go up against the new high elves. Maybe I shouldn't be nervous, I've beaten this player's elves before with Tomb Kings, but I'm terrified about Always Strike First...

So, what to do? Of course, they're only T3, I can shoot them....I don't got -that- many archers models though, so I'll have to face them in close combat sooner or later..oh, woe.

When playing with enough points to field a Lord before, I've -always- used the Liche High Priest. His massive amount of power dice just seems like something you can't really live without.

But I'm gonna try. I really want to field a Tomb King someday, and that day has come. I won't get nearly as many power dice as I would have otherwise, but I've tried to compensate for that somewhat by loading up with bound spells and the Casket of Souls.

I can't decide wether to take two dispel scrolls or scrap one of them for the Hieratic Jar, though. Or, I could take neither, and try to scratch together points for another ushabti or something.

With the Tomb King opening up special slots, I can take a lot of units for the killing of mages, boltthrowers, archers and such. That's not bad. If my opponent takes more than two mages, he will likely own me in the magic phase, but then he won't really have anything that can go up against my Tomb King...I think it will work out.

I just wish I had more than one chariot unit. Unfortunately, that's not the case, so I gotta make do with what I got.

One dilemma is where to place the Banner of the undying legion. It is great within ordinary skeleton units, but I usually give it to the chariots, because they'll often be far away from the liche priests, -and- get shot at a lot. Thoughts on this?

It have occured to me I could equip the Tomb King with the cloak of the dunes and a great weapon and go Lion Chariot hunting, considering he would smash it to splinters with one stroke. That would just be sooo cheesy though, and my opponent really isn't a powergamer in any way.

Anyway, here's the list. Tell me what you think:

The Army of Anhur-Septu, High Priest of Khemri:

Menetnashte of Karnak, Tomb King
+ Collar of Shapesh
+ Destroyer of eternities

Tau the Twisted, Liche Priest, and his dreaded Casket of Souls
+ Casket of Souls
+ Dispel scroll
+ Dispel scroll
(Scroll caddy!)

Nefertari Tasherit, The Ever Loyal One, Liche Priestess
+ Neferra's Plaques of mighty incantations
+ Cloak of the dunes

Shushu-Senti the Unstoppable, Tomb Prince in Chariot w. light armour, flail
+ Chariot of Fire


Banner of Karnak:
29 infantry + light armour + standard

Banner of Naqa:
20 archers + standard

The Archers of Numas:
10 archers

2 Tomb Swarm bases

Banner of Ashmun:
3 chariots + standard
+ Banner of the undying legion


4 Carrion

Banner of Eternity:
20 tomb guards + champion, standard
+ Icon of Rakaph

3 Ushabti

1 Tomb Scorpion


1 Screaming skull catapult
+ Skulls of the foe

= 2500 pts

The Tomb King goes with the Banner of Karnak, boosting their martial prowess, which wasn't much to begin with. The Tomb Prince joins the chariots as he is wont to do (he earned his nickname, The Unstoppable, because he and his chariot unit once broke half a wood elf army, pursuing them into a wood, out of which only he alone emerged, on foot), and the priestess flies around casting spells (she gets to be the hierophant, 'cuz she's pretty for being mummified), while the twisted mummy stands behind the casket, drooling dust and laughing hysterically. Yeah, that'll work.

Now I just need a hill to place the Casket and catapult on...

(I'll likely return with a battle report, especially if I win...)

03-10-2008, 20:32
:DI like your list, only change would be Tactical swap with the Prince in with foot troops and the King in a Chariot. Great Names on your models LION

03-10-2008, 21:03
Hmm....yeah, I guess that could be an idea, especially as the Destroyer of Eternities might not be that great versus high elves because they've got Vaul's Unmaking...

On the other hand, even if my opponent gets/chooses Vaul's Unmaking, which I'm not certain he will, he'll have a tough time getting it off, considering it's difficulty, my dispel scrolls, and my desperate determination not to have my 70 pts übersword of doom destroyed in the first round...the Casket's -1 to all his power dice rolls might be helpful in this regard.

No...I'm not really worried about that, and if I put the King in a chariot he can't use the übersword of doom, and he can't destroy chariots with one hit... (like he'll get the opportunity...time will tell...It would be absolutely -awesome- if I could trick my opponent into that trap, because he'll use a Lion Chariot for sure...)

But, well, the real problem in this case would be that my Tomb King in Chariot model, that of course has an uncanny similarity to Settra, isn't finished yet. You see, Shushu-Senti can't be king, he's not...er...mentally fit for such responsibility. :rolleyes:

And if he HAD been king, the whole army would've consisted of Kamikaze Chariots...

man...I have a new army concept... :D

03-10-2008, 21:26
If he has Teclis or an archmage with the Book of Hoeth, he will get it off (if the AM rolls it that is) and you will lose the Destroyer. If you're tailoring armies against each other and he doesn't try to dominate the magic phase as High Elves can, you deserve the win you will get. There is also the bound item that has a one shot Vaul's Unmaking as well.

If you want the king in the chariot, swap the DoE for the Flail of Skulls and he can still oneshot chariots as well as stacking overkill. Personally I run a king with the DoE and the Cloak of Dunes. His leadership doesn't matter, he doesn't cause the army to crumble so he flies around looking for eternities to destroy. He is usually coupled with a charge from a unit of chariots in the rear (chariots front, him rear) of the unit to continue the stacking of CR from wounds.

03-10-2008, 21:56
He hasn't got Teclis, but the Book of Hoeth, yeah, that might be a risk.

Although, If -I- played High Elves and faced myself as Tomb Kings, I might have removed the cloak of dunes before the destroyer. Then my hierophant's mobility would be severely damaged, and she would be a sitting duck, which would cause all kinds of havoc to my plans.

And about tailoring...well, I'll have to see about that, but I would be genuinely surprised if he takes more than two mages. He probably thinks I will take one high priest and two priest + all kinds of magic-boosting items, because that's what I usually do...I'm kind of hoping this list will catch him a little off guard.

A king in a chariot could be devastating, of course. I'd have to plan carefully though, so that his second 'my will be done' aren't wasted. I would need to keep something fast close, something that can keep up with his chariot unit as they race across the battlefiled...

I -really- need more chariots :cries:

For now, I'll keep the King with the skeleton infantry in the center, where there always will be something to cast 'my will be done' at. Unless, of course, someone thinks that would actually be a -bad- idea?

I'll keep the hierophant with the archers or the tomb guard initially, so there's absolutely no chance she can be targeted by bolt throwers. Losing the hierophant really, really sucks, after all.

I had intented to have the scorpion and swarms dug down behind his lines (close to mages and bolt throwers). I've used 'it came from below' to great effect before, but not that many times...maybe I should just keep the scorpion in my main line, as a flanking unit?

03-10-2008, 23:45
How about giving your hierophant not only the Cloak, but also a steed? It sounds superlfuous, but it would cover getting Vaul'ed.

10-10-2008, 10:20
hi there i like ur list n iv went up against high elves alot recently, even faced them in nationals, and they arnt tht over powered against TK. i too ued tomb king n destroyer plus casket. but i had my hierophant on foor with collar of shapesh as this doesnt count as a save so she can always get it. put them both in the unit of tomb guard with undying banner since u can use ot to help the king, hierophant or the unit which are all prob more important than ur chariots. may also consider giving tomb king the vambraces of the sun degating a first strike atk :-). although iv never used a prince in chariot before i dont knw how well hed fair since high elves blot throwers could easily rip them to shreds. one item i gave my 3rd priest was the staff of ravening since there only t3 it does a fair amount of dmg plus its another bound spell.

a general note wopul dbe once in combat with tomb king if there a special char in the unit just use destroyer magic ability and hit 3 models automatically, hopefuly being a unit champ, char n one other guy, plus killin blow u shoul dkill all 3.

hope all goes well cant wait to see the report


10-10-2008, 23:45
aye, having readed the last post. I though pop in to my. Why not the staff of raving and cloak of dunes on a priest, who you dont care about. also if he turns up with a dragon. there is alway the chance you kill the rider. average roll for 4d6 is 20. so that is about 6 to 8 hits on the rider. roughly causing 2-4 wounds.

4d6 str 2 hits, on T3 units will shread it. plus I wont think about dropping the Ushabti, because really isnt enough to stand up to 2 bolt thrower firing at them. instead take more Scorpions. or just more bowmen.

always hitting on a 5+ reguardless of modifiers is brillant if you ask me.
Also have you though about a large block of archers, with the banner which allow you to reform at the start of turn phase. meaning your chariots can charge out after beening screened by the archers, who have slowly been advancing.

just some more though for you

11-10-2008, 16:17
I'd drop the ushabti. I'd get more chariots (impact hits kind of bypass their exceptional combat ability and do well against their T3...). I'd also get another scorpion. Two of them in his backfield will make a mess of his mages and war machines...especially with the tomb swarm to help out. Three ICFB units is great against HE. But use the carrion for a different purpose. Allow some of his units to march while bogging others down with the carrion, allowing you to focus on one unit at a time.