View Full Version : Name My Deff Skullz Boss!

03-10-2008, 23:48
Well, I finnally got him put together. Scince Privateer has a good bits program I got some parts from them for this. I still need to drill out the barrels (forgot that) a few more finishing touches esp to the base. But he needs a name and some critique. Thanks all.





03-10-2008, 23:50
The pics kinda suck to much coffee sorry. Geez almost forgot the story behind this dude. This here is _______ of the Deff Skullz clan. Universally any skull that happends to be red symbolizes thier clan in most respects. The Deff Skullz love speed, much like the Speed Freeks, but also enjoy an unhealthy facination with cybork technology and chemical enhancement. Nearly all warbosses and few nobs in the clan have been augmented voluntarilly or otherwise and nearly all of them enjoy the Mekboy/wierdboy drink...Monsta Fuel! Monsta Fuel temporarilly energizes the ork befor battle. He can see more clearly act faster and is temporarily stronger! However, once the fuel wears off, more must be consumed or apathy ensues. It should also be noted that Monsta fuel can also be used as fuel for deff coptas, bommas, bikes and all sorts of other vehicles. This particular warboss has so many cybork parts that he needs to wear a power generator on his back also fueled by Monsta Fuel!

03-10-2008, 23:52
Tee hee hee Cygnar bits on an Ork. My Cryxian/Khadoran/Skorne heart approves with great delight!

As for names, "The Junka" would be my personal pick, if only because it's more of a title and terribly descriptive.

Lord Dan
04-10-2008, 00:02
Warboss Fistface.

My only critique is that you highlight your colors so well and it seems a shame that so much of the model is washed out with metal.

04-10-2008, 00:46
Ugh yeah your right. I may have to break up the metal with checkerboard patern or something. Thanks all.

New Cult King
04-10-2008, 04:06
Mad Mak. Just suits him. He looks awesome :D