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Prince of Caledor
04-10-2008, 08:56
my local shop is going to be running an escalation campaign starting at 500 points. after trying out different lists i'm really struggling to make a list that can beat more than two races. by this i mean that any list i make seems end up destryoing one enemy and then getting destroyed by another. the problem seems to be that my two options are ten naked archers and a stacked unit with a hero, or ten naked spearmen, and two tiny other units with a hero in one. option one has my army turned into a great big house of cards. granted, it's a hard-hitting house of cards, but one bad roll and the game is over. the other option leaves me with one essentially impotent unit and support that will have good hitting power but be very vulnerable to panic and completely boned against undead due to outnumbering fear. i have access to any models except phoenix guard, a dragon mage, and eagles. i'd really apreciate some help. every list i've made is misssing something key to make it work. here are a few of the lists i wrote for your consideration.

list 1:

noblewith barded steed, full armor kit, lance, reaver bow, talisman of loec or enchanted shield

10x archers

5x dragon princes with full command and banner of arcane protection

list 2:

level 2 mage with seerstaff and dispell scroll

10x archers

10x swordmasters with full command, banner of arcane protection

list 3:

noble, great eagle, reaver bow, talisman of loec, great weapon

10x white lions with full command, lion banner

10x archers

list 4:

level 2 mage, jewel of the dusk, dispell scroll

5x dragon princes with full command, gem of courage

10x archers

list 5:

noble, great weapon, armor of caledor, guardian phoenix

19x spearmen with full command, lion banner

lion chariot

list 6:

noble, the usual setup

10x lothern seaguard with full command

10x swordmasters with full command, gem of courage

list 7:

level 2 mage with jewel of the dusk

10x spearmen

6x white lions

6x swordmasters

5x shadow warriors

list 8:

just like list 7, but with two units of sm or wl instead of one of each

list : 9

level 2 mage, jewel of the dusk gem of courage

15x spearmen with full command

6x wl or sm

6x wl or sm

my opponents will be diverse, with most races represented. i can't think of any list that will stand anything close to a decent chance against all of them. help!

04-10-2008, 13:55
:pI would go without magic & take a normal Lion Free Chariot. Then stick a great sword armed HArm noble in it (Reaver bow?). Take a 5 Elf bow armed Reaver unit with champ. Then spend left over points on as many spearelves as you can aford. Say 15 with full command. The fast Cav will be very effective in a 500 point game and your Chariot mounted Noble will be a great smashing unit (unit s5 so negates ranks if hits side or rear). The ASF 3rank Spearelves should be able to look after themselves. LION