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04-10-2008, 09:55
The idea is a simple piece of styrofoam, and I'm aware of the melting factor but with totally random sprays of PVA along the edges I can stop small sections of the terrain melting once painted.

After some light spraying to dissolve the areas between these covered sections it comes out looking like this.


It gives it a much more interesting texture, but of course it will require more layers of PVA to complete the whole look and make painting much easier on myself.

Alphatwitch sent me a bunch of tyranid sprues and spare pieces to help give it the right feel so I glued they on with simple PVA into dents in the side of the pool embankment.

The large white "splodge" in the centre is PVA currently drying, once this has set and become clear I will be gluing these boys to the inside of the pool and then filling the rest of the pool with PVA to cover them up as if submerged inside.

Just a quick 5 minute paint job, since they will be under layers of PVA most if not all of their details will be lost so there was no point in going overboard.

And last but not least snikrot came along to check it out, just for scale purposes.
I hope to get the perfect look with the PVA submerged rippers, I may cut them off at the heads, or talons at different intervals so they aren't all at the same phase.

I will be most likely giving it a VERY bright green color for the slime inside as no other color makes as much sense as it does.

Any other ideas or comments I'd love to hear it as its still WIP 'til I can at least buy more PVA!

Today I got a fair bit of work done on it, I added some spinefists to the sides of the big talons to just give it a little more oomph in that area, added all of the nodes I could and spread them best around the pool that I could.

Added a little more glue to the inner walls of the pool to smooth over those rough edges and started adding in some rippers :)
I painted up 4 more rippers today that are currently drowning in PVA, and will hopefully find more to use as the pool builds up!
after this layer dries I may start adding small chunks of random tyranids to give it that degenerating feel to the liquid, maybe even melt a few pieces into the layers and paint them as dissolving genetic material.

Anyway here is some pictures!

Little bit closer this time.
and maybe if you squint, you can see the poor rippers about to be turned back into sludge for the hives digestion.

I painted goblin green over the PVA areas, and tried to cover up as much as possible, it took the longest time of the whole night, and with some khaki, blood red and black wash I arrived at this.

The wash ran into the other paints a little, but that doens't bother me so much :)

Apologies for the bad pics but I'm in a rush as its very late here and I have a headache from the lack of sleep!

This is where I'm at right now, I added two layers of PVA + paint to submerge the chunks a little more and I also added some more random pieces.

I started painting the inner sections of the base but I'm not so sure, I was thinking to maybe do a dark red over it to give it a bit more... of a not gay look.

04-10-2008, 20:09
Looking good so far with some nice details...
I can't wait to see this one with some more paint on it. :D

05-10-2008, 10:18
Not the best pic I know but I picked up some stuff called gum glue from a local art shop, it dries fairly clear but unfortunately for me I use too much at once and it has ruined the underlying details, however I'm not fussed.

before it dries I will be painting up a few more quick rippers to drop in and we are all finished besides paint.

Quick question though...
Am I doing anything wrong or is 80 views to a comment about standard here? Want me to shorten the whole process or turn it into multiple posts?

05-10-2008, 16:21
naa most viewa are from guest who can't comment,
so it's not uncommon to get like 200 views for every comment. :D

oh did you run out of that red/pink paint ?

ps. hopefully your last coat will clear up as it dries. :)

Wolf Scout Ewan
05-10-2008, 17:04
Looks cool! Good show!

08-10-2008, 09:49
Thanks guys, and for N8, I didn't run out of paint, I just didn't feel like painting it ALL totally in case I decided it wasn't the right color for the piece and on that note if anyone has any ideas for a color I'd love to hear it!

The update!

The tyranid pool has almost been completed, the glue has finally dried and now its ready for the final layers of paint down the side which I'm still sort of unsure about a definite color for.

So thats that for now, I know its not a big update but I figured some people would like to see it.

08-10-2008, 11:59
Well the clear bits did come out quite nice :D

14-10-2008, 05:37
I put the last of the clear glue on the pool and for some reason that I cannot, for the life of me, explain it actually "melted" away the layers of glue, but fortunately it gave it a pretty good look.

So now it looks all mucos'y and is sticking to the rippers a little more, but much more paint to come and hopefully some more spikes here and there around the base, anyway picture time!


a helpless goat
15-10-2008, 02:08
looks good

15-10-2008, 02:24
I suspect your water efect stuff heated up as it cured...
be it accidental the results are pretty great. :D