View Full Version : 2000pts - Dark Elves "Hopefully Friendly"

04-10-2008, 13:19

Master (80) (154)

Heavy Armour (4)
Sea Dragon Cloak (4)
Lance (4)
Shield (2)
Ring of Darkness (40)
Cold One (20)

Master (80) (115)

Heavy Armour (4)
Sea Dragon Cloak (4)
Shield (2)
Battle Standard (25)

Sorceress (100) (150)

Dispell Scrolls (50)

Assassin (90) (121)

Additional Hand Weapon (6)
Rune of Khaine (25)

Core Units

28 Dark Elf Spearmen (168) (236)

Shields (28) BSB goes here....
Full Command (15)
War Banner (25)

10 Dark Elf Crossbowmen (100) (110)

Shields (10)

10 Dark Elf Crossbowmen (100) (110)

Shields (10)

10 Dark Elf Crossbowmen (100) (115)

Musician (5)
Shields (10)

Special Units

5 Cold One Knights (135) (176)

Dread Knights (16)
Ring of Hotek (25)

6 Cold One Knights (162) (221)

Standard Bearer (16) Master goes here....
Musician (8)
Standard of Slaughter (35)

6 Shades (96) (102)

Additional Hand Weapon (6)

10 Black Guard (130) (189)

Standard (14)
Standard of Hag Graef (35)

Rare Units

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (200) (200)

I'm trying to get away from tournament style of play so i made this list to play at my local gaming club - i mean i got tired of playing khainite and going double cauldron, also tried of playing monster mash; manticore lord; dual hydras.....so i decided on this list....

Overall i'm wondering if this list would be fun to play and friendly - but again i don't want to be a complete push-over...if u want to win u got to earn it....

Any comments thanks....

04-10-2008, 17:04
It looks very polite to me! I'd probab;y be tempted to drop 1 cold one knight and get some more black guard, as a unit of 10 is bound to give up it's banner... Might want to strip the musician off the third group of crossbowmen, too, if you need a few more points.

04-10-2008, 18:25
I assume the assasin goes with the warriors. If thats the case i would get them the banner of murder.
You also don't have any harpies and i would drop a unit of xbowmen (you have way to many) to get a couple of units of 5

Other than that the list looks pretty solid

On a side note is a shame you have an unused rare slot. Either a third RBT or a Hydra would be great. Maybe dropping some warriors and magic items.