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04-10-2008, 18:16
Okay, I have given some consideration to revamping my Empire List a little. I've noticed through power creep that Empire state troops are becoming increasingly useless against certain armies and I am looking for something a bit more hard hitting. I have also made the bold move of ditching my two level 2 wizards in favour of another warrior priest and a scroll caddy.



Arch Lector, w/ War Altar, Sword of Power, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Shield of the Gorgon, heavy armour

Warrior Priest, w/great weapon, Dawn Armour, Barded Warhorse (goes w/ inner circle knights)

Warrior Priest, w/great weapon, Armour of Meteoric Iron (goes w/swordsmen)

Wizard, Level 1, 2 x dispell scroll, barded warhorse


24 Swordsmen, Full Command

6 Knights, Preceptor, Musician

6 Knights, Preceptor, Musician

20 Flagellants


7 Knights of the Inner Cirle, Full Command, War Banner

5 Pistoliers, Outrider w/ repeater pistol

Great Cannon



My thoughts are that the Inner Circle Knights, with the benefit of hatred, should be able to do some serious damage against mid to low powered rank and file units. Much better than another unit of State Troops anyway.

04-10-2008, 19:13
Your Inner Circle knights will be 8 strong, which is an odd number. Do you plan for a front rank of 6 with two spares in the back?

I'd not give the pistoliers a champion myself, but they do need a musician.

04-10-2008, 22:04
I'd make a few changes. Cut all the knight units down to 5. Run the two normal knight units 'naked' i.e no command group (maybe give them a musician). Use the spare points to get a ranged and combat detachment for your Swordsmen unit. You might want to look at getting another ranged unit as well (crossbowmen work well IMHO). I also agree that you need to drop the Outrider from the Pistoliers and replace him with a musician.


05-10-2008, 03:44
Here's an extreme variant of your list. I'm not saying it's better, mind, but it might be an interesting comparison.

Crusade! (2249 points)

Arch Lector [general] [308]
War Altar, shield
Dawn Armour, Sword of Might, Doomfire Ring

Warrior Priest [160] [w/ first knights group]
Barded Warhorse, heavy armour, shield
Shroud of Magnus

Warrior Priest [158] [w/ second knights group]
Barded Warhorse, heavy armour
Enchanted Shield, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery

Warrior Priest [160] [w/ third knights group]
Barded Warhorse, heavy armour, shield
Sigil of Sigmar, Van Horstmann's Speculum

13 Crosbowmen [152]
6 Archer detachment

12 Crossbowmen [144]
6 Archer detachment

26 Flagellants [260]

5 Pistoliers [97]

5 Inner Circle Knights [195]
Full Command, War Banner

5 Inner Circle Knights [200]
Full Command, Banner of Arcane Warding

5 Inner Circle Knights [190]
Full Command, Steel Standard

1 Helstorm Rocket Battery [115]

1 Helstorm Rocket Battery [115]

The idea is to have the rocket batteries weaken up the enemy before the cavalry slams into it. The crossbowmen are tasked with shooting at enemy fast cavalry, war machines, flyers and so forth. The flagellants can tarpit a big scary thing long enough for someone else to wheel and come assist with a thunderous charge (hopefully).

All the knights units have magic resistance and hatred, and the army has 7 DD - hopefully that'll be enough. There's also some bound spells in the form of the Doomfire Ring and the Casket, plus the various prayers and the War Altar.


* Drop a Warrior Priest for a battle wizard with either 2 scrolls or the rod of power? He'd go in the pistoliers. I'm thinking not, but it's a risk, not having scrolls.
* Drop the artillery and the 13th crossbowman for 2 naked units of 5 regular knights. I have zero experience with Rocket Batteries, so this one is hard to judge. I hope that their immense scatter won't hurt me, since I plan to engage them from a fairly good distance away, but you never know. War machines have been always very fickle for me.