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04-10-2008, 23:49

Just thought i would start this thread to keep myself motivated to complete my Snakebite Army, Im not very good at making up poin armies so im just going to horde load's of ork's and paint them the best i can, i have been painting for a few years now and i like how my skill has progressed learning new things everytime i try something new. Picture's will come soon as soon as i have finished 3 Boy'z (taking my time doing them ;))

My Main Plan is

Ork Warboss (maybe some modding)
20 Ork Boyz
10 Ork Nobz
3 Deffkopta's
5 Ork Kommando's
Maybe 5 Ork Boar Boy'z

Really want the Boar mod to work as after reading up on Snakebite's it seem's they prefer them to the bikez.

Cheers, Updates coming soon.

Getifa Ubazza
11-10-2008, 23:36
Why do you have Deffkoptas in a Snakebite army? Unless you plan on modelling them out of somekind of winged squig or terradactile with ork tec attached to its oh-ya's to make it do what you want.

13-10-2008, 16:27
It comes with the Black Reach set, i dont really like spending load's of cash on my model's as i tend to spend ages painting them, i was going to go with boarboy'z but at the moment i cant afford the 35 price tag :<.

Update with picture's tho.


I have a few more but are not based yet.

Also I do eventually plan on getting a Cyborg or atleast attempting to convert one for my Warboss, if anyone has any idea's i would be greatful!