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(DJ) vostroya
05-10-2008, 01:40
hi this is the fluff of my warlord and his army nothing offical
and no not Gorgutz from DOW i just like the name

on one of Ghazghkull trips of recruiting some more boyz form the feral ork tribes
he found one that reminded him of his uncle and took him back to fight as one of the boyz in his third waaagh of Armageddon. As some time past the waaagh was delayed and Ghazghkull was fighting with the space marine of the crimson fist chapter on a backwater planet Gorgutz quickly rose in rank and physical stature and Ghazghkull then relaised that it was his cousin. Gorgutz even riviling that of Ghazghkull largest nobz was given mega armour and a squad to lead.

when the time of the waaagh of Armageddon came the the ultramarines placed some task forces in planets surrounding Armageddon. Ghazghkull sent some of his bully boyz to ''krump da beakies'' on the the surrounding planets Gorgutz was in one of these armys and after news spread that Gorgutz and his squad smashed 3 landraiders 7 dreadnoughts and countless space marines Ghazghkull knew that Gorgutz would get bigger, stronga, and more powerful than himself so he sent him to a close by planet to look after the local goffs there that way Ghazghkull could could keep an eye on him.

when Gorgutz arrived the the local goff stronghold had been raised to the ground by the blood boyz, Gorgutz gathered the surviving boyz to pay a visted to da blood boyz.when he got there the blood boys were rebelling agansit there warlord complaining that they did not get enough loot, Gorgutz not only beaning gigantic and powerful was very cunning, so he charge and with one swipe ripped the blood boyz warlord to pieces then shared the loot amongst da boyz and was then declared the new blood boyz warlord.

with a gigantic WAAAAAGH his army swept through the planet gaining more boyz under his banner and eventually the whole planet was his.

To the suprise of the bully boyz Ghazghkull was delighted and told Gorgutz ''git stompa'' tharaka to conquer some more ork wartorn worlds then join him in his WAAAAAAGH. so thats just what he did.

this givens me the chance to make 2 ork armys and join Ghazghkull and a gigantic mega armoured warlord Gorgutz toghether.

so what do you think

Lord Malice
05-10-2008, 02:26
I shall assume this is serious.

Firstly, orks don't have cousins or uncles. It would be nigh on impossible for any ork to determine which orkoids may or may not be related to him. Even so having your character related to an official GW character is an overused cliche.

Secondly, Gorguts is a DoW character and simply sticking Thraka on the end doesn't help. Get an original name.

Thirdly, three LR, seven dreads and 'countless' space marines is gross overkill. Your character would garner much more respect if he managed to kill a named (and by named I mean one you've come up with yourself, preferably from a made-up chapter) space marine champion in a mighty battle/duel.

Fourthly, no ork is ever going to be 'bigger, stronga, and more powerful than' Ghazghkull Thraka and especially not in such a woefully short space of time.

Fifthly, again killing the rival warboss, it was too easy. You cheapen your characters by having them effortlessly massacre their opponents, they need to struggle and strive if you want something more than a two dimensional blob.

My advice is this; ditch all mention of Thraka and make your warboss more individual. Make him a dastardly boss just starting to scrape a mob together and then your let your games inform his background and slowly turn him into a towering goliath.

05-10-2008, 02:32
i don't think orks have a sense of familial relationships with each other such as uncles and cousins. they might recognize kin, but being asexual beings, it's be more likely that thraka recognizes gorgutz as either a brother from whoever died and seeded the two, or perhaps even from his own spores? even then if orks even notice these things or care.

as for being bigga badder, etc, i think to maintain dominance thraka would probably just thump em good, or stompem til 'e don't move no more. thraka is old that's how he's bigger and greener than most other orks. gorgutz would have to have waaaghin it for sometime to grow that large. and big things draw attention.

(DJ) vostroya
05-10-2008, 10:51
thank you for your advice no it is no serious but i think i will go will your advice lord malice