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Brother Smith
13-11-2005, 18:57
The crewman slowly nodded.
'I will take you close to the island, but it'l cost you.'
'How much?' The group asked.
'30,000, no less.'
'Deal, we'll meet you here in an hour'

OOC: Ok this is where we start, we are back to meet the crewman (Wells), and are boarding the small boat. Talk the the people around you.

Adam stepped onto the boat. It was calm around him and he could see the 'dino island', but he wanted to get closer. Seeing a dinosaur on this ship was a matter of luck. He couldn't accept that.

He saw a man (Ruben) and walked to him.


Commander X
13-11-2005, 19:29
"And I still think this is a bad idea..." Luuk complained while boarding the small boat. He had been against this idea from the start, but had been persuaded by the others to come. And now he had already paid for it, he might as well go to see one of those dinosaurs. They were dangerous, but he was told they wouldn't go far inland where the bigger ones lived.

'Lets hope those boneheads don't forget that.' he thought, while looking at the others coming aboard too.

OOC:As in RL, always the first present ;)

13-11-2005, 19:30
"G'day skipper" Ruben cheerfuly greeted, "what do you want" he asked. he slung a ruckscak and some suppies onto the boat.

Brother Smith
14-11-2005, 16:16
'Seeing if your ok mate. This should be an interesting trip.
'Better wait for the rest to arrive, then we can set this thign out to sea...'

14-11-2005, 16:33
"im fine, its a good day for it skipper, that islands realy something, i've heard some nast rumours though, people disapearin' and all that but i doubt anyone from teh mariners bar is exactly viable" he said seemingly un-worried. He was working quickly, checking and loading boxes onto the smaller boat, he was now meddling with teh controlls "fuel" he muttered and began to fill the engin with the contens of a jerry can.

Brother Smith
14-11-2005, 22:18
Adam nodded in agreement and paused.
'Why do you keep calling me skipper?'

15-11-2005, 16:54
"Your ranking officer skip, what do y' want me to call ya" Ruben asked quizicaly, still busy preaparing the boat.

Brother Smith
16-11-2005, 09:23
Adam aint not seaman. Hes just a lad, remember?

I think with two active players, this RPG has died on it's ****.