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05-10-2008, 13:52
Playing around with the background for an IG army I'm starting up, I've run into a heap of questions. There's really no easy way to do this, so let's just jump right in...

I'm wondering, how do the Adeptus Mechanicus work in relation to the Arbites? Say you've got a forge world. Would there be Arbites present there? Is there a civilian population? What if there are convicts used as forced labour, would they be the responsibility of the AdMech or the Arbites? What about a PDF - are they present on your average forge world? Would/could Imperial Guard troops be stationed there? Who would have juristiction over who? In case of a riot, who would take charge - and what about an invasion? Suppose it wasn't a forge world at all, but a prison colony with an AdMech outpost. Or maybe a regular world with said outpost - do they exist? And what happens if an Inquisitor turns up (I'm guessing whatever the hell he wants...)? And so forth and so on, I'm sure you get the picture.

I realize that a lot of this is (probably) ultimately up to me, but I'd like to know what (if anything) the official fluff has to say on these matters so I don't make any glaring mistakes when putting together my army. I realize that you could probably write a novel answering just half my questions, so thanks in advance for your time :)

05-10-2008, 14:09
Arbites are to ensure that the population of a planet does not break the laws of the Imperium (like hiding xenos, mutants, and heretics), and to ensure that should the gouvernor of the planet wish to seceed, they can eradicate him on the strike.

The Mechanicus might be allied with the Imperium, but they do have their own society, their own rules, armies (the reknowed Skitharies - don't know the real spelling), rites, warmachines (the legendary titan legions). They're not subject of the Imperium, but its greatest ally. I don't think that there would be Arbites on such worlds, as the Imperium might not want to offend the mighty Tech-priests of the Omnissiah. They do have to accept the eccentricity of those cyber-fanatics, as they are one of the most important people in the Imperium (the Factor-General even being a High Lord of Terra himself).
Also, Inquisitors have to ask the Mechanicus, if they want to conduct their research on any belongings and domain of the Cult Mechanicus, like in the Souldrinker-stories.
If even an Inquisitor has to ask (or bring a really big force to bear) the Mechanicus, I can't really see the Arbites being stationed on Forgeworlds. But then again, there might be exceptions to such a case, or ancient treaties from the time when the Emperor still walked amongst mortals.

05-10-2008, 14:13
Forge Worlds are the exclusive fiefdoms of the AdMech. They don't have a PDF in the normal sense, nor are IG regiments typically stationed there; instead, a Forge World will be garrisoned by a large number of AdMech troops such as Skitarii, Tech Guard, Centurio Ordinatus, Titan Legions, Legio Cybernetica, and so forth. They probably don't have Arbites precincts either, although to the best of my knowledge, nothing has ever been said one way or the other about that. It wouldn't make sense, though, because the AdMech is supposed to be entirely responsible for the administration of their Forge Worlds, without interference from other Imperial agencies. The main purpose of an Arbites garrison is to enforce Imperial law and serve as a solidly loyal Imperial force (meaning they work for the Imperium's central government, not answerable to the local planetary ruler) who will already be "on scene" if a planetary ruler tries to declare his world independent of the Imperium or anything like that. So they probably would not have any role on a Forge World. Remember that the Adeptus Mechanicus is almost an independent entity within the Imperium; it's not just another department of the Imperial government. More like a permanent ally.

And no, I don't think Forge Worlds have "civilian populations" as such; they are populated entirely by a ruling class of tech-priests and a working class of Servitors. Convicts wouldn't be used as forced labor, unless they had first been made into Servitors.

A prison world with an AdMech outpost is another matter, of course. I would expect that the Arbites or other prison personnel would be responsible for the administration and security of the prison complex, while AdMech personnel would run their outpost. Probably not much overlap in their responsibilities, since as I said, the AdMech wouldn't use convicts for forced labor unless they had been turned into mindless Servitors. Again, since the AdMech is basically a state of it's own within the Imperium, I wouldn't expect them to allow the Arbiters to come onto their turf unless there was some extremely pressing reason; they would generally manage their own affairs and expect the Arbiters to stay out. The same is probably true on a regular planet with an AdMech outpost; the local authorities will be in charge in most places, but inside the walls of the AdMech outpost, the Admech is in charge and the local authorities have no jurisdiction.

The Inquisitor question is interesting. I don't really have any idea of the extent to which the AdMech cooperates with the Inquisition. Theoretically, an Inquisitor's authority and access is supposed to be unlimited, but I can see the AdMech being fairly uncooperative and getting away with it. They probably would not welcome an outsider, even an Inquisitor, poking around in their business. He might well find the tech-priests cold and unhelpful, and he might find that he can't get access to some of the data and/or physical areas that he would want to see.

The Judge
05-10-2008, 14:38
Titanicus is set on a forgeworld, but it strikes me as an unusual one in that it has an Imperial commander (who rules alongside the archmagos, but really has little power), it's own small PDF and a section of police called the Magistratum, who are basically local police. Arbites are something beyond "normal police" though, so there might not be any on there. I imagine their jurisdiction would cover the Commander, but since his role is so... small, they're not left with a lot to do.

05-10-2008, 15:35
The Adeptus Mechanicus is sovereign on its worlds. Anything that happens on them is theirs to deal with. Hell, stepping foot on a Forgeworld can take months of diplomacy, and that's for an Inquisitor. I would presume that Forgeworlds do have a small Imperial enclave (we've seen some - in Titanicus, and in Phobos Worked in Adamant), and I would think that the Imperial Commander on a Forgeworld is little more than an ambassador of the Imperium to the Fabricator-General of the Forgeworld. Now, I haven't seen Arbites having jurisdiction on Forgeworlds, and we know of the AdMech's own security services (Collegiate Extremis, headed by these Lords Dragon), though each Forgeworld has its own branch, with Mars' branch taking precedence over them. We know (from Phobos Worked in Adamant)that each Imperial Enclave (even on Forgeworlds predating the Imperium) has an Astra Telepathica station, though whether the Mechanicus use their own astropaths or not is questionable. Presumably later Forgeworlds (such as the one in Titanicus, which must have been founded in M35/6 or later) also have nominal Imperial Commanders, PDFs and police forces.

On the Mechanicus ground, the Mechanicus reigns supreme (and that includes Mechanicus santified outposts). On Imperial ground, things get tricky, and the Mechanicus is much more malleable, but will probably try to squirm out of any responsibilities.

Inquisitors... can be tricky as well. Once again, on Mechanicus sovereign ground, Inquisitors pretty much have their hands tied, thanks to the Treaty of Mars and all the legal complications that ensue. Elsewhere, the Mechanicus will have to bend to the Inquisitor's will eventually, though the more tech-priests there are, the safer (and more daring in their refusals) are they likely to be.

On a Forgeworld there is a civilian population - the menials. Crime, according to one archmagos is less than on a Hive world, but not absent. Any convicts on a Forgeworld would be the responsibility of the Mechanicus, since no Imperial institutions operate on a Forgeworld to any real end (mostly just your 'overseers' of the Imperial Commander and their servants - PDF, police, Telepathica). In an invasion, the Mechanicus would deal with it with their fairly extensive armed forces, calling in Imperial aid if needs be.