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05-10-2008, 14:54
The Icon of Rakaph states it is 'tomb guard or skeleton warriors only', however, it is 40 pts.

Skeleton warriors may take a 25 pt banner if the army general is a tomb king.

So how can basic skeleton warriors get this banner?

In the orcs and goblins book, a banner that is 'orcs only' may only be wielded by an orc, however the orc BSB can be put in a unit of goblins and they can be affected etc, so I've eliminated the possibility of a BSB being allowed a 'skeleton warriors only' banner.

The FAQ also held no results

Basicly, the intention of my army was to have one long line of skeleton warriors with bows with 2 liche priests in covering a long line of the battlefield, and behind them would be several units of chariots, heavy cavalry etc. Then in one turn I'd start by reforming the unit into a block of frontage 5 skeles and charge with all my units (along with scorpions in the back, carion etc)

My second question is could you use the banner to shimmy foreward a little before the turn starts, allowing you to be that bit closer when you declair a charge?

05-10-2008, 15:10
You need an Icon Bearer to use the banner in Skeletons. The Icon Bearer is a Tomb Guard character. Skeletons by themselves cannot take it due to the 25 point limit. I think it is an oversight, or the rules text means that it only affects TG and Skeleton warriors. Otherwise, an Icon Bearer in a heavy cav or chariot unit would be interesting. Since I've never seen that in a list, I guess the common denominator is that it can only affect Skellies and TG: