View Full Version : Woodelf tactics vs Brettonians

13-11-2005, 19:42
About to play Brettonians for the first time ... probably the worst match up on armies for me ... anyone played against Brettonians and got good tactics?


Lady's Champion
13-11-2005, 21:58
I would say lots of archers and small units- dont give their lances anything expensive to kill all at once

tree spirits flanking would be nice

14-11-2005, 00:55
Buy stuff with the ability to flee. Eagles are always good vs brets.

Crazy Harborc
14-11-2005, 01:31
If you have lots of Dryads, use them. Try to have your units staggered. It's worth a chance to retreat if he charges over7/8 inches. If you roll high, his unit is a failed charge and just may stop at the required normal move distance within one of your units charge range.

A charged Bretonnia lance hit in the flank is very much like a beached whale.

14-11-2005, 01:42
Dryads can't flee. Get glade rides, lots.

Not archers. Forget archers :) They can't hide from his lances easily and their arrows will have little effect vs. his armour.

Use glade riders and scouts(if you are fielding archers) to block his units. Consider sacrificial units immediately in front of his knight units. When he charges, you flee and get run down. This is good! You sacrifice a cheap, inexpensive unit, and the lance ends up EXACTLY where you want it as because his charge was successful, he has to move his full charge distance, and in a known direction. This places his knight unit exactly where you want it for a lovely flanking assault from your combat troops.

An alter kindred noble w/ great weapon and helm of the hunt is very effective. 5 S6 attacks on the charge, and place him in BTB contact with only ONE enemy knight. As long as he kills one, no attacks back against him.

Your hail of Doom arrow can really mangle his supporting troops, or if nothing else will quite likely get a couple wounds vs. a choice expensive knight unit.

Keep your unit's costs DOWN. Don't take big expensive units! You want to be able to lose a unit or two without suffering unduly.

Remember: Forests are your friends. Treesing forests around to block his knight's charge path; to isolate units; or just to remove them from the battle entirely.

14-11-2005, 02:20
you can also the tactics for withc WE are most infamous, the point deny tactic, you beat him in maneuvrability so use that to run circles around him and shot him down, or charge him in the flank, your cavalry might not have as much armour but is better if used right, just give him no target to charge never ^^, and if he bring pegasus knights, well just shot them down fast ^^

now some things that could trouble bretonia beside the point deny tactics

treemen + BSB, just march the treemen forward wit the BsB at some distance and let the enemy cavalry charge him, he can survive the charge of almost anithing, and will hit back with such strenght that the knights will not last long
waywatchers: letal shot anione ???
lots of scouts: hard to catch even for cavalry
you own cavalry: glade riders and wild riders, the las tone can defeat bretonins even hea done with some luck, but as they are fast cavalry you will get a charge, even the GR can win a flank charge against other cavalries

Crazy Harborc
15-11-2005, 00:52
True dryads don't flee. Archers/Glade Guards do.

15-11-2005, 05:46
I've seen both Wardancers and Waywatchers do well at getting eounds on heavy cavalry units.

Wardancers working down the table sides and getting to the flanks of H.cavalry is pretty useful with killing blow.

Lethal shot on Way watchers is the same.

Basically H.cavalry and elite units a prime targets for these W.E. units so they can get their points back.

15-11-2005, 13:29
Don't try to outmuscle him with your own cavalry. It won't work. They're much too tough and your much to weak to do so. Instead go for Wardances and Waywatchers like was said before and use them to outmanuever him units and get possible flank charges. Good luck with your game.