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05-10-2008, 18:24
Just a random list i made because i felt like it. Just would'nt mind some opinons on weather the list would work well or just die.

On to the list:

Prince 235
Bow of the Seafarer
Amour of Calador

Mage 170
Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll
Jewl of the dusk

Mage 185
Lvl 2
Ring of fury
silver wand

Mage 175
Lvl 2
Annuial Crystal

16 Sea Guard 249
Full command
Banner of Ellyrain (First Amoung Equals)

16 Sea Guard 236
Full command

10 Archers 110

10 Archers 110

5 Dragon Princes 250
Full command
Banner of sorcery

5 Shadow Warriors 80

Bolt thrower 100

Great Eagle 50

Great Eagle 50

Total: 2000

Thats it basic idea is genrally stand shoot then reform for the charge. Eltharion and the noble will be going in the one of the Sea Guard units and in the Phionex Gurad (which i will change for White Lions or Sword Masters if i want to). Shadow warriors slow down the enemy while i shoot them. Mages go in the Archer units, the mage with the silver wand preys to get Curse Of Arrow Attraction.

Any Comments Welcome!

Thanks, CS

05-10-2008, 18:53
I am sorry but it don't like the list very much. First there is the fact that you have no great eagles and no scrolls; both of are always useful in a high elf army.

Second is the fact that sadly both archers and speacially seaguards are very poor units for their cost.

IMO HE are not a shooty army or at least as shooty as other armies not really meant for shooting like brets, woodies and orcs.

05-10-2008, 18:59
Fair Enough, i have added some Great Egeals in place of a bolt thrower.

Thanks for the comment.

05-10-2008, 19:47
Start with 3 boltthrowers and lose Elthrion, he is pretty good, granted, but the lord on foot with the whitesword and teleporting armour is really good for smacking monster riders around in a challenge- if he dosnt chop the riders head off he can go for a few cheap points off the monster (at s6) which will usually be 3 and 3's with a save of 6 if its lucky.The boy gets scratched (1w) and teleports away leaving a unit winning by 4, better with a warbanner for 5.

The rest of the army is pretty good although elves need scrolls.

Big monsters will also be petrified of 3 B throwers- there are lots of Greater Daemons and Hydras around just now

05-10-2008, 20:40
The list has been edited however i do not have 3 bolt throwers but do have a prince with a bolt thrower bow and a normal bolt thrower, which means i can keep the much needed eagles.

thanks for comments,CS.

06-10-2008, 00:24
HE have a problem with shooting beyond 4 bolt throwers and the bow of the seafarer because their archers are incredibly expensive for so little power.

You could cut the archers and shadow warriors for another bolt thrower, and use the 200 left to grab another unit of dragon princes with full command, or a couple tiranoc chariots and some more sea guard so they can reform in a 6x3 block to maximize attacks.