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05-10-2008, 20:04
Hey guys.

im starting a goblin army. right now i own 2 10 man squads of goblin spider riders, 16 night goblin archers, 1 night goblin shaman, and like 16 or so regular night goblins. i want to make my fantasy army 100% spider goblins, maybe a squad of black orcs. any advice on what i should buy next? i was thinking a goblin warboss on a giant spider.


06-10-2008, 13:13
nice theme on the spiders.

maybe consider some squigs, and a lot more night goblins with fanatics.
dont leave home without Fanatics! a must for any orcy/goblin army.

I run night goblins in blocks of 40 (your opponent has to kill 10 to force a panic) and I pack 3 fanatics in each unit.
I dont bother with bows, as gobbos have crap ballistic skill. pack some spears and shields and throw them across the table to unleash the whirling doom.

may be worth putting bows on you mounted units though as they are much faster.

Also for gobbos, the Doom diver is very good.

you might then consider wolf chariots if staying all gobbo, or boar chariots for orcs, (worked best in tandem, so get 2)

key to most green armies is usually large numbers of expendable stuff. overwhelm you enemy with numbers and add combat rez to your tactics of winning fights.

hope this helps.