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05-10-2008, 20:39
pts: 1999/models: 62/units: 9/pd: 2/dd: 5

Tomb king - chariot, light armour, shield, spear of Antarhak, golden eye of Rah-Nutt, death mask of Kharnut - 316

Liche priest - hieratic jar - 140

Liche priest - staff of ravening - 160

Liche priest - casket of souls, brooch of the great desert - 305

3 chariots - standard bearer, icon of the sacred eye - 190

4 chariots - standard bearer - 180

3 chariots - 120

10 skeleton warriors - 80

10 skeleton warriors - 80

tomb scorpion - 85

22 tomb guard - champion, standard bearer, banner of the undying legion - 313

screaming skull catapult - 90

basicly the 2 main chariot units, along with tomb king and tomb guard will be the main offencive units, using magic to their advantage for getting off charges and hopefully destroying everything in their path.

the small unit of chariots is there to pose threats to one of the opponent's flanks

the 20 bowmen are there to hide the liche priests and to lay down some pitter patter to knock off ranks, making the offencive unit's jobs easier and making me get that much closer to the all important outnumbering.

the SSC is there to sit next to the casket and make use of that liche priest's incantations while both should be able to reap havok amung the opposed lines, hopefully causing panic tests galore and killing anything that looks a juicy target.

the scorpion will threaten war machines or small archer units, but otherwise will provide support charges and help running people down once they break

any sudjestions?

05-10-2008, 23:53
I'd give the King chariot of fire and vambraces of the sun rather than terror.

06-10-2008, 10:18
I'd actually drop the mask for armor of eternity (or is it the ages? I can't remember)...why? Well, the spear is obviously there to regenerate wounds, right? Well, the extra wound and the fact that it's heavy armor gives the spear more hero to work with. I'd also find a way to get another scorpion. One is good, two are AWESOME.

06-10-2008, 16:55
Pope: they're both enchanted items, so I can't take both at once

march: I do see what you mean, and even though I do love terror, fear is good enough (and I'd probably get annoyed at the fact that people auto run if they fail a terror test when I charge them rather than hitting on 6s) and the exra save and wound are prety necessary since I just realised that he can be prety easily picked out from his unit (even from range).

In goes armour of ages

I would LOVE to be able to afford a second scorpion, however 85 points is a hefty number, and I can't see where it'd come from, since its a prety packed list as is, and I don't really want to drop a unit of chariots, I have few enough proper units as is (of those 9 units, 2 are artillery, 1 is a scorpion and 2 are 10 man archer squads)

07-10-2008, 07:51
I know you don't want to drop the third set of chariots, but...

If you cut the third unit of chariots, you get the second scorpion, mounts for two priests, and a few extra points for other nice things (A couple more tomb guard?). Burying the scorpion on the flank that you want to threaten is extremely effective, especially since the enemy can't actually do anything about it until it comes out of the ground, but has to honor the threat from turn two on. So you get that lurking presence that denies terrain without any risk for a while, and when the scorpion does appear, it moves PDQ and will generally be able to charge the next turn, even if the enemy stayed out of threat range (which was the purpose of putting it there to begin with). Or, if the enemy has a good number of war machines or other juicy targets in his backfield, you might want two scorpions back there. I think the flexibility that you get from a second "it came from below" unit is worth far more than the mobility of a 3-model unit of chariots...especially when it also frees points to make two of your priests faster, among other things.

The other possibility is to drop the unit of four down to three and drop the standard bearers (you might be able to keep one standard bearer by sacrificing a few tomb guard). I actually like this option less than the option of dropping a unit.