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05-10-2008, 21:05
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Greetings one and all,

The following list is for a league I have coming up where I am going to be facing off against many differing types of opponent. With this in mind I have tried to go for a well balanced 'take all comers' list without specialising the army for facing any particular opponent.

Vampire Lord
Flayed Hauberk, Blood Drinker, Crown of the Damned
Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death
Level 3

Wight King (BSB)
Sword of Kings, Gem of Blood
Skeletal Steed

Flying Horror, Supernatural Horror
Helm of Commandment, Enchanted Shield

Sword of Might, Book of Arkhan
Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death

25 Skeletons

15 Ghouls

30 Zombies

Corpse Cart

Corpse Cart

20 Grave Guard
Full Command

6 Black Knights
Full Command
Banner of the Dead Legion

4 Fell Bats

7 Dire Wolves
Doom Wolf


The list is being done with a view to being competitive in every phase (except, obviously, the shooting) and is aimed at trying to not go too combat heavy or too magic heavy. The contentious flying Vampire choice has been done for march blocking and scaring my friends wizards, who tend to be all on their own most of the time. As well as this, if any part of my force gets isolated, I plan on making sure they can march. The flying vampire will try and be like the Tomb Kings flying Hierophant in this respect.

C&C Welcome as always!

- Voltaire

08-10-2008, 23:14
You can't combine Flying Horror and Supernatural Horror on a hero-level vampire because that puts you five points over the vampiric powers limit.

09-10-2008, 00:11
You could however give him a hellsteed.

None of your vamps seem to have much armour. Give your lord dread knight, not walking death, the lance should be good enough tbh but thats your choice. This way aother vamp can have the hauberk.

Also i would never use the crown of the dammed, every time you fail it (and you will) you lose 3 powerdice.... If it happens when you need to raise a unit back, it's game breaking.

Wight lords who are toughness 6 with the benefit of the helm of command (which overrides the -3 ws) are much scarier than wight lords who either rebound a wound or lose 2.

VC Doke
09-10-2008, 01:20
Is there barding on the BKs? I'd suggest to put it on them if you got the points.

Keep the Crown. You live by the crown and you die by the crown. The times you fail your Ld test is less than the times you need a 4+ ward vs. a 5+ ward.

I agree with Spirit. The vamp who flies should be on a hellsteed.

09-10-2008, 16:53
Overall it looks good but some minor things / what units you characters plan on joining would help.

Vamp Lord, Beguile is awesome, I would choose it over walking death any day. remember you can beguile in regular combat and challenges when you need to kill that high toughness giant/hydra/dragon. what unit is he joining, the ghouls? I swear by the Crown of the damned for a combat lord, it lets you stand toe to toe with a blood thirster.

Wight King looks good, 5+ KB! I assume he is joining the Grave guard so why are the Grave guard 20 strong and not 19? this applies to your ghouls(14) and skeletons(24).

Your Vamp hero with the Helm of commandment can have Avatar of death and a hellstead giving him a 2+ As instead of the 5+ he has now.. and makes him legal.

your direwolves I would drop down to 5 or 6 and scrap the doomwolf.

If you can save enough points to make your ghouls 19 strong that would be awesome.

*EDIT* I just noticed the skeletal steed on your Wight king meaning you mean him to join the black knights making them 7 wide and a little unwieldily. It seems an odd choice as the sword of kings now looks like a poor choice compared to a lance. I would get rid of the mount and put him with your grave guard.

10-10-2008, 19:00
I realize this will tilt your army toward combat heavy, but I never think anyone should ignore this option. At 275 points, you can have five blood knights completely naked-- no Kastellan ( completely unnecessary for the points cost ), no standard or musician. Yes, the musician is fun for for rallying, but wait, we're undead. As for the standard bearer, it would be nice to throw down the 4+ward save against shooting, but honestly I think if you can time it correctly with invocation of nehek and vanhel's then your blood knights will nail into any unit.
They're going to hit into combat with 15 strength 7 attacks, and with these they alone can take down any standard core and some elites.

And if you wanted, take a vampire with dread knight and give him book of arkhan. You have possibly the most destructive hammer unit in the game that can vanhel's it's way across the board. Even if they're baited, one round of combat ends the fight, then you can vanhel's your way back to where you need to go.

18-10-2008, 05:09
Um is this a 2250 list or a 2500 list? Cause I count it out to be about 2500

18-10-2008, 06:14
If you are taking infinite hatred on your lord, then I strongly recommend mounting him on an abyssal terror. Keeps him mobile so he is much harder for opponent taking advantage of hatred to pull away from the battle, and the mount itself becomes an asset in combat with the rerolls from hatred. Blood Drinker will keep your lord and his mount alive and well, so your magic can be spent on other things then protecting him.

Another option for a fighty vamp lord is a dreadlance and red fury. This leaves more points for bloodline powers, but forces you to sacrifice a large part of his protection (unless you go with dread knight, which makes your lord far too easy to pull away from battle for my liking).

18-10-2008, 10:27
sergentzimm - Bad on my part - it is 2500 points.

bnf - I realised about the Flying/Supernatural Horror thing and it will be editted accordingly - perhaps the include of Avatar of Death over Supernatural Horror to give my guy a Great Weapon would be a help?

Spirit - I had never considered running a T6 Wight King before.