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05-10-2008, 23:08
Since the results of the GT first heat came up with two Fateweavers in the top ten, and also because I got hammered by the character last week, it seems fair to ask: Daemon players, how are you using your Kairoses? Are there spells you're picking as standard, or is every choice tailored? What weaknesses does the character have?

06-10-2008, 19:46
Well, obviously Kairos weak point is CC. If you attack him with a unit with a US of 5+, you'll block him and he won't be able to cast any spell. In fact, Kairos worst nightmare are infantry with big ranks, and it's the only time where even gnoblars can shine (if they pass the terror test, that's it).
Of course, your opponent will know this and he won't let you do that, also because Kairos can fly. So, even if infantry is the best option, you can also use light cavalry or any fast unit (with US 5+) to block him. Even if you're not able to wound him ("thanks" to the 3+ ward save he disposes), there are very little chances for him to wound any of your miniatures with A 1 with WS 1. Of course, it's worthless to shoot him, always "thanks" to his ward save.
He's a really pain it the neck, but that's expected from a miniature that costs 625 pts.
I hope i was of any help.

06-10-2008, 19:55
Catch him with fast cav, or a unit of fliers that outnumbers him by a few points.
If you can flank him, all the better.

Generally that's how you deal with him.
The daemon army he is with will of course be doing their best to stop you from acheiving that goal, and you'll have to be using your own army to help prevent them doing that.