View Full Version : Small army , "Defensive shooting army, relying on magic" Need Advice

Interrogator Asmodai
06-10-2008, 00:55
Hey everyone Im considering starting warhammer FB , and I was wondering whats a good first army for some one who wants to rely on shooting and magic , this will be my first FB army so lets not get to point crazy , any constructive advice is appreciated.

06-10-2008, 01:58
More then a couple armies could do this.

Empire has artillery and black-powder weapons galore, with sub-par magic. Their magic is best used as support and defense against opposing magic, rather then offense.

High Elves can take 4 bolt throwers, a lord with a bow that is essentially a bolt thrower, and a very powerful magic phase.

Wood Elves can take lots of very mobile archers, with magic that does little more then help them abuse forests.

Dark Elves are about the same as high elves, but with better mages and missile infantry.

Orcs and goblins can go magic heavy, and with a full set of spear chukas and doom divers, their shooting phase will be scary indeed. The lack of any decent missile infantry, and needing to fill up their special and rare slots with war machines to make this work, causes problems however.

06-10-2008, 04:35
Any Elf army is good for this kind of army. Wood Elves have better scouts because they can be really close to the enemy. High Elves, IMO, have better magic. Drain magic adds +3 to the casting value of any spell. This forces Vampires to use 2-3 dice and sometimes 4 and any magic reliant armies need more dice. Dark Elves are more aggressive than defensive. They don't have as much rare choices and special choices as high elves, but they're repeater crossbows and other nasty stuff can be very effective.