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06-10-2008, 04:10
This is my 2000 point Ogre Kingdoms armylist. I've chosen only to include the more civilised ogres (using that term loosely), so no gorgers or yhetees (Slavegiants, maneaters, and scraplaunchers are fair game though). I realize this puts me at a disadvantage (but really isn't using the Ogre Kingdoms list at all doing that;) ) but I really dislike the models/fluff for gorgers/yhetees. I love the maneater models (Or I may just convert my own) but I failed to find any way to fit them into the list. Any advice on my armylist would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :D

Tyrant w/ Heavy Armor, Tenderiser, Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck-Gnoblar and Gut Maw
Points- 311

Butcher w/ Bangstick and Dispel Scroll
Points- 180

Butcher w/ Halfling Cookbook and Dispel Scroll
Points- 180

3 Bulls w/ light armor, ironfists, and bellower
Points- 139

3 Bulls w/ light armor, additional hand weapons, and bellower
Points- 136

3 Ironguts with Bellower, Lookout-Gnoblar, and Standard Bearer w/ Warbanner
Points- 204

3 Ironguts with Bellower
Points- 154

25 Gnoblars
Points- 50

10 Trappers
Points- 60

2 Leadbelchers w/ Bellower
Points- 120

6 Power Die
3 Dispel Die (Plus 2 Scrolls)
27 Ogres
85 Gnoblars

08-10-2008, 18:04
Loght armor and ironfists really don't cut it. Since you can't use the ironfist against shooting the 6+ save won't really help you, and in combat you want more killing power with ogres so extra handweapon is the way to go (and if you use the ironfist as an extra handweapon you are just wasting points).

Full command on 3 ironguts is not worth it as every model you lose makes you lose an expensive command model. Keep either the banner or the bellower or drop it all.

Leadbelchers are a real risk... but if they work for you then I won't knock them : )

08-10-2008, 18:24
:)I also advise 2 HandWeapons on the Bulls. I would however stick with the two Ogre Leadbelchers.

I would make one a ThunderFist instead of Bellower. Two OgreLBelcher units have done me proud in many games. Hell I would take 2 of these mini units if I were you. You can see howmuch I like them in below link. The pictured ThunderFist has shot many x times his cost evey game. Only in large units do they become a big risk. Stick them on your flanks & point em at LCav & cue Evil Ogre Grin LION

Lions Weekly Bits Box Blitz Sponsored by Elf Glue
http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165087 (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=165087)

09-10-2008, 22:11
3 units of 25 Gnoblars seems like a lot to me. You should spend 50 of those points from Gnoblars (ie: remove 1 regiment) on another Irongut or something like that.

10-10-2008, 13:43

Interesting list. My thoughts are as follows:

- 2 butchers generally don't cut it, as neither provide you with serious magic offense or serious magic defense. Either take one for light magic defense or three to push the magic as far as you can without taking Skrag.

- regarding your bulls, I like LA & Ironfist as it maximizes my flexibility. There are definitely times when a 4+ save in combat is very helpful. For example, in a sustained fight with a unit like ghouls, the multiple poisoned attacks at a higher initiative will quickly tear apart an unarmoured unit. As for shooting, it ain't much, but having a 17% chance to save against str 3 is infinitely better than having no chance at all.

- also regarding your bulls, if you aren't buying the ironfist, don't buy anything at all except for the bellower. Naked Bulls for 115 are a fantastic buy.

- regarding your ironguts, both your units are bang on - Warbanner is the way to go if you take a standard, if you take one at all.

- that is alot of gnoblars - I have painted 40 of the blighters - why would you paint 75? You really don't need units more than 20 strong.

- Trappers really don't need to be ten strong. If you are concerned about panic, 9 is the breakpoint.

- The leadbelchers are a massive X Factor - last time I used them, I misfired and rolled a 2, resulting in one dead leadbelcher, no hits (let alone wounds) on the enemy blood knights, and a failed panic test. Conversely, at the last Canadian GT, they did 8 wounds to my opponent's maneaters in one volley. Either way, it's amusing.

As for working in maneaters...
I would drop Butcher # 2 (180), LA and AHW on bull units 2 & 3 (42), trim the gnoblars to 20 each (30), drop 2 trappers (16) and that puts you at 268 - if you have 2 points left over in your total, then you now have 270 points for 3 HA and whatever (I prefer Cathayan Longswords) Maneaters.

Carlos the Craven