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06-10-2008, 13:24
im thinking of making an all mounted orc and goblin list.
the question is if i should use save orc boar boys or the normal guys, i want them running with blorcs if possible to decrease the chance of their doing something stupid. what is the ratio of units savages to normal orc boar boyz i should take.

as a skeleton the army should look something like this:


2 blorcs
suicide goblin

a few units of wolfriders
orc unit with +dd banner

4 units of orc boar boyz, at least two of them with a rank

depends if there are points left over, maybe a pump wagon or such

tell me what you think
thanks a lot

06-10-2008, 13:43
You might want to try and draw up a test list. From what I am looking at, you will probably struggle to fit all that into one army list at normal levels, which leaves you with a very different problem than choosing between normal and savage boar boyz.

I also have a little article you may want to read: All-mounted greenskin army (http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/tactics/greenskin_themes.php#mounted_0)

06-10-2008, 14:01
thanks for that link, its great
so i should have my blorc characters riding around in chariots to make sure they dont kill my guys?
chariots are a no go in my gaming area because everybody hates them and loads up on st7+ guys (part of the reason why i lost the will to play tk).

i dont quite get what you mean with having a problem with fitting it all into an army list.
the special will cost 1k at a maximum, with the core costing around 300 maximum. that leave 400 for heroes. savages would run in units of 5 or six so they would be even cheaper, 3 units would cost me between 400 and 500 points which would give me even more money to spare.

maybe orcs all mounted isnt the way to go for me if that is the case, my problem being that i love cavalry armies.
if you have a way to get it to work or any other help (like a different army that does not consist of humies or t3 guys) id very much appreciate it

06-10-2008, 14:38
If you are worried about Black Orc characters in units killing your guys, don't make them Black Orcs. And obviously if people take plenty of S7+ stuff, chariots are not the way to go.

Cavalry greenskin armies can work, but tend to struggle in the long run because most of the models in your army will be overpriced and suffer from the lack of reliability all greenskins suffer from. And a greenskin cavalry army that works (as well as it can) does in my experience not look much like what you are suggesting.

And a T4 cavalry army is difficult in that T4 armies don't generally have much cavalry.

06-10-2008, 14:41
50/50, with boar boyz units of 12 (frontage 6) and savage boar boyz units of 6 (also frontage of 6).
Dunno if this is pointwise viable, but it sounds good:the savvy's give you cheaper hard hitters, though vulnerable to shooting and baiting and the normal boyz give an expensive though sturdy unit that already generates combat res for 1 rank and outnumbering (US 24). Include a warbanner on one, and your set to go.

Be careful where you put black orc characters though, you don''t want one killing an entire unit because of animosity.

In such an army, I would field normal orc bosses, and at least one on the ironback boar :)