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06-10-2008, 14:19
Hello, hereís my report on the Bristol Brawl Part Deux run by the Bristol Bigíuns.

Thanks to the organisers for sorting it all out and running it very smoothly. I really liked the format for this as the rulespack was clearly designed to balance the playing field by disallowing special characters, using scenarios, having variable weather conditions and having an army swap game.

So hereís the list I took,
Beasts of Chaos - 1982pts (the points limit was 1983 to celebrate 25 years of GW)

Wargor with Chaos Armour, Crown of Horns, great weapon
Wargor with MoK, great weapon and heavy armour
Bray Shaman with lvl2, scroll and powerstone
14 Bestigor with full command, gore banner (reroll panic) and no mark
11 Bestigor with MoK and champion
3 mini herds
1 Big herd with full command
3 Chariots
3 Minotaurs
2 x 6 Centigor (FC in one, no banner in the other)

The event included 5 games and with no photos (one day Iíll take a camera) Iíll try to just summarise the highlights of each.

Game 1 - Vampire Counts

The scenario was pitched battle and the weather effects were Ďwinds of magicí which meant that casting dice of 6s would count as 1s (but couldnít cause a miscast).

3 Vampires, 2 on horsies, bsb, helm and some other stuff
8 Black knights with FC (with 2 characters in)
2 x 6 black knights with FC
3 smallish ghoul units
2 x 6 dire wolves

He set up in quite a tight formation in the centre (later revealing that he was worried about ambushing - I actually forgot I could even do it in most games as normally I use a doombull). He had a bunker for his on foot general with the big BK unit in front. This was flanked by ghoul units who in turn were flanked by BK units which had wolf screens.

In nearly all my games you can pretty much assume that my army is spread in a mess across the table with centigor and a herd on each flank - deployment isnít a fine art for me and my beasts.

He went first and didnít feel any need to advance so I was forced to approach him. I pretty much surged up with everything in my first turn. His second turn saw a unit of zombies raised to stall me and some more reshuffling.

In my second I initiated the first charges with some centigors charging direwolves on the right andÖ hmm, only two days ago and Iíve already forgotten the order of things, oh dear.

Okay Iíll break it down by flanks,

Right flank - The centigor charge the dire wolves and overrun past the black knights. He charges a herd and my 15 bestigors + wargor with vargulf and 6 BKs. I flee and counter with my Khorngor who mince the vargulf (losing the wargor in the process) overrun into the black knights and mince them.

Left flank - Minos and chariot charge ghouls but donít do spectacularly and beasts break in the following turn, the chariot blowing up in some woods. The minos get away. The centigor flee from a charge from the 6 BKs. Fortunately a herd managed to charge the 6 BKs on this side in the flank and managed to cause about 1 wound per round which eventually whittled them down.

Centre - Giant and chariot charge through zombies and into ghouls but whiff and ghouls stick around for a while. Through a huge stroke of luck my powerstone allows me to cast beast cowers despite the weather on the big knight unit to stop the flanking my giant. Later I charge them with a mini herd which forces the BKs to pursue (they had hatred banner) and this takes them out of the game. By this point the right flanking force catches up and takes out the ghouls then the bunker ghouls (vamp general with lycni left by this point). The last remaining ghoul unit got destroyed in the final turn by a charge from the rallied minotaurs and a herd. I didnít have enough turns left to try to take on the large BK unit who were pretty surrounded by the end.

16-4 win! The winds of magic weather helped a lot as it really limited his raising and allowed me to get through the ghouls in short order. The crucial beast cowers was also a lucky turn of events on my part.

Game 2 - Vampire Counts

The scenario was capture the objective in the centre for 500pts and the weather reduced all cavalry, chariots and large targetsí movement by 1Ē and chariots did one less impact hit - Bad news for me! Worse was still to come thoughÖ

2 Vamps on foot
Wight BSB with Drakenhoff
18 GG with FC
2 units of ghouls
2 units of skeles
5 wolves
6 BKs with FC
4 Wraiths and 1 banshee (oh bum)
5 Fell bats

He set up with infantry in the centre, bats and wraiths on my left, BKs and wolves on my right. The board was fairly clear of terrain except some difficult terrain that the BKs stayed hidden behind for most of the game.

Well it all went horribly wrong when I charged the grave guard with two chariots and the giant. I was so concerned about the wraiths that I hadnít even anticipated that the bsb might have the drakenhoff banner. Consequently I inflicted 1 wound, everything ran (even the giant!) and everything was run down. Meanwhile the wraiths systematically dealt with everything on their flank with terror, screams and combat. Over on the right I managed to destroy the wolves, BKs, ghouls and skeles with a vamp in but lost so much of my army in the process, not to mention the 500pt objective swing that I lost pretty badly.

3-17 loss

You may have read about my experiences against wraiths in my A Gathering of Might report and might wonder why I hadnít learnt my lesson. Quite frankly though I donít really think beasts at <2000pts can do a lot about them. The magic weapons arenít very good, equipped with one wargors are quite likely to die to 9 wraith attacks anyway, terror and the scream with max Ld 7 is calamitous and I donít tend to take magic heavy armies, not that death, shadow or beasts offer much in the way of magic missiles. I guess Tzeentch wargors may have been an answer but the loss of psychology protection for being Tzeentch is too costly for beasts I find.

The disastrous charge on the grave guard was a result of me not anticipating the Drakenhoff banner. I hadnít thought at a relatively mild event like this items like that would be cropping up, big mistake on my part. It was doubly annoying as I had enough flexibility to be making charges with the chariots and giant on his much worse protected vamp/skele units - oh well.

If you have read my A Gathering of Might report you may remember that before I got trounced by wraiths I came up against a similarly nigh-undefeatable opponentÖ

Game 3 - Daemons

The scenario was assassins - bonus VPs for killing characters and monsters. The weather was Ďmild - no effectí.

It was an all slaanesh list,
General with you must charge me but canít attack me gifts
BSB with you must charge me but canít attack me because your Ld is at -2 gifts
Herald on chariot
19 Daemonettes (bsb)
14 Daemonettes (general)
12 Daemonettes
7 Seekers with FC and you canít run away from us (oh yes I can when I fail every fear test) gift
6 fiends

We set up opposite each other, he had infantry together with fiends on my left and seekers and chariot on right.

1 - He advanced about 8Ē with most things.
I approached ever so slightly with most stuff sacrificial herds went further.

2 - He advanced much closer in the centre but the fiends hung back a bit. The seekers charged an unruly herd who failed fear and the chariot charged my big herd with shaman who fled. In magic he cast stupid twice on each centigor unit. I had 4 DD at this point and needed 7 for each attempt and failed both. In combat, the chariot killed a few ungor with impact hits (we werenít sure if gor or ungor would be hit?) but miraculously the shaman and foe render managed to kill the herald. The combat was drawn maybe?

Now it was my turn and obviously both centigor units failed stupidity which left them stranded in front of my army which had no room to manoeuvre now. My left flank stalled due to the threat of the fiends. I had my giant, 2 herds and 2 chariots here, none of which could take on the fiends but the fiends didnít like the prospect of the counter charges. The herd vs chariot combat continued with some wounds inflicted on the chariot.

Breaking things down into sections again,

Right flank - This was basically the herd- chariot combat and seekers. The seekers charged in but somehow just couldnít inflict any wounds. I was causing enough to draw the combat giving me enough time to take out the chariot but was finally autobroken in turn 5.

In the centre, the centigor all died, the khorngor charged in but failed to do any damage and were run down. My bestigor had moved over to the right and managed to stay out of harmís way for the rest of the game. I charged the minos into the flank of the bsbís unit and a chariot tried to do so too but was 1Ē short. The minos failed to cause any wounds and were run down. This forced the chariot to flee and it never rallied.

Left flank - A herd made it to the fiends and forced them to fail a charge through difficult terrain, taking them out of the game but the herd failed to rally. This allowed a last turn charge on the bsb unit with the giant in the rear and a chariot in the front. I killed 7 I think and won combat by about 6 but he rolled a 3 for instability so the unit survived and there were no turns left to finish them off.

When all was said and done all Iíd actually killed was the chariot herald and half a daemonette unit. Iíd lost a lot including 2 characters so it was a 3-17 defeat or thereabouts. Again, donít ask me why I was so naÔve, but it didnít occur to me the bsb would have the despair icon until his army was on top of me. Had I known Iíd have probably deployed as far from him as possible and gone for a draw/minor loss.

Game 4 - Lizardmen army swap

This army swap game was pitched battle with no weather. By now Iíd returned to the board of my first game where Iíd scored my only win so fingers crossed it would be the site of anotherÖ

Scar vet with nike, 5+ ward and great weapon, +1 DD
Scar vet with +1 strength and enchanted shield, +1 DD
Scar vet with BSB, +D6Ē move banner, +1 DD
19 saurus with FC
19 saurus with FC, +1 DD and +1 attack
4 x 10 skinks, 2 scouting (all skinks had blowpipes)
15 skinks
6 chameleons
4 terradons
5 kroxigor

Yikes, I thought. Not the best lizardmen list I could have hoped for by a long shot. My opponent was annoyed at having to use my Ďweakí beast list and seemed fairly sure that had the game not been a swap heíd have won easily. I tried to argue that the Ws4 Str 6/5 beast units + chariots and giant were all awesome saurus killers while the 4 herds were basically auto wins against the skinks. Anyway, hereís how it played out,

He started setting up two chariots near on my left so I set up my infantry and krox on the opposite side of the board. There was a hill just in front of my deployment zone so hid my saurus behind that so that I would be able to charge before being charged. A house was sat dead in the middle of the board. I spread my skinks out across my line. He put nearly everything else in front of my army on the right but with the bestigor unit advancing down the left side of the house. He chose to ambush with three herds. There was a wood next to the bestigor that he forgot to put a herd or centigor unit in so my chameleons set up there.

The main element of this game involved the right flank so Iíll just deal with the left first,

Left flank - Chariots move slowly across the field. I charged one in the flank with some skinks (flank, outnumber and no steed attacks meant it was a fairly safe bet). This would have made it flee through another chariot then into some woods which would have been sweet. He passed the break test though and a herd destroyed the skinks the turn after. Fortunately the chariot failed to restrain pursuit and died in some woods. The chameleons march blocked the bestigor for a couple of turns but were chased off by a herd. Until about turn 6 that was that!

Right flank - So, with no herds to keep my skinks away, he didnít advance very fast, maybe 8Ē? I pretty much stayed put too but the nike scar vet dashed into an alcove by the house as he was my best bet for taking out a lot of the units heading my way.

His 2nd turn, everything moves just few inches further. The frenzied wargor left his unit to move in front of the scar vet but steed of shadows failed to get him into combat. Every herd failed its ambush roll and although one ended up in the far corner, the other two including the big FC one ended up behind me. In my following turn I charged the wargor with the scar vet with an overrun heading towards the minos. Realising that he might not actually be able to take on the minos I pushed 25 skinks forward to shoot them and managed to bring down 2. The scar vet squashed the wargor and overran into the last mino. A small herd had appeared behind my krox who the bsb joined and they magically charged them off the board.

Turn 3 - The khorngor who are by the house charge the 15 skinks who flee 2Ē and are run down. Everything else continues its shuffle forwards. The scar vet beats the mino (lucky I guess not to get wounded in the process) and restrains pursuit. The mino fails to rally and runs off. In my turn the terradons fail terror from the giant and run away to be run down by a chariot later. The scar vet passes terror and charges a chariot. He destroys it and overruns into the centigor flank. Some skinks move into range of the giant and cause 3 wounds while another units kills some other centigor of the far right. My kroxigor turn around to face the big herd behind me.

Turn 4 - Here is where my opponent made a huge mistake by not charging the giant into the scar vet. I guess he just didnít see the possibility. The giant chooses instead to just approach some skinks hoping for failed terror. The khorngor are now the other side of the hill that my saurus are filling their boots behind but choose to just sit the other side themselves for the rest of the game - I guess waiting for support that never arrived. The big herd charge the kroxigor with the foe render killing my bsb in a challenge! The kroxigor dish out enough damage though and hold. The depleted centigor on the right charge their skink assailants but are wiped out by stand and shoot. The scar vet wins against the other centigor who flee and get away (later killed by blowpipes).

My skinks pass terror (thanks to being only just within 12Ē of the general) and kill off the giant. I forget to do anything with the nike scar vet so he just stands still. The kroxigor autobreak the big herd and run them down.

Turn 5 - The unmarked bestigor have now finally got all the way round the house and are in the flank of my saurus who had turned to face. They issued a charge and after some consideration I elected to flee. It resulted in panic tests for the other saurus and kroxigor but since I was fleeing sideways there was no danger of going off the table. I passed panic anyway for both.

In my turn the nike vet is feeling very confident and charges the khorngor flank but only manages 2 wounds so draws to outnumbering and a rank.

Turn 6 - Next big mistake, my opponent doesnít charge the nike vet with a chariot, maybe fearing strength 7? The bestigor shuffle maybe? Or perhaps this was the turn they charged the saurus, anyway it doesnít matter. The khorngor now lose to the scar vet and flee.

The saurus rally on Ld 9. My kroxigor charge the bestigor and crush them and the bestigor autobreak. The scar vet who is now totally high on his successes charges a mini herd, inflicts 4 wounds and runs them down, clearly his luck was in no danger of running out.

Result 18-2 victory!

Fortunately the hill allowed my saurus to hide almost all game and never had to fight a combat (even if it meant hundreds of points of my army never got involved). The nike vet was also on fire and despite him going it pretty much alone my opponent failed to set up a single counter charge on him. My opponent also didnít use the herds to screen the centigor and giant which cost him those units. Although my opponent disagreed, I felt that I was using the weaker army so it was very satisfying that everything came through the way Iíd hoped.

Game 5 - Skaven

This game was a pitched battle with strong winds which meant shooting was at -1 to hit and artillery dice had to be rerolled.

2 Warlock engineers with storm daemon and a scroll
4 clanrat blocks
4 ratling guns
3 slave blocks
2 jezzail units
Warp lightning cannon
3 mini globadier units
Tunnelling team

Things didnít go well for my opponent. I got first turn so was upon him very quickly. The weather meant that his jezzails couldnít do much damage and the cannon failed to cause any wounds. Once into combat the khorngor and minos especially proved too strong (in one notable combat the minotaurs wounded with all 9 attacks!). As a result things all fell apart for him rather quickly. A stroke of luck I probably didnít need was the tunnelling team misfiring and allowing me to place them on the board. I put them in front of two clanrat units and a ratling gun so that my khorngor would be safe for a turn, could charge the tunnellers then overrun into the units behind. Sorry for the brief description but there wasnít much else to it.

Result 20-0 victory

A couple of big wins on the second day boosted my placing to 16th out of 44 or so which was pretty decent. I feel a bit bad about working my way up from the bottom as I donít think I would have won games against the players placed in similar positions to me by the end but thatís tournaments for you.

Once again, thanks to Nick and the BBP2 team for putting it on, and thanks for reading!

06-10-2008, 16:44
;)Thanks greatly for the reports...seems 1983 is a good way to level games / lists and cut out the super magic lists. Almost a 2000 game but no Lords & less Rare Stuff...Must try it!! LION


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