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06-10-2008, 16:29



Exalted Hero 175 points
Great Weapon
Blood Roar
Army Standard
Mark of Slaanesh

Core Units

14 Chaos Warriors 313 points
Shield, halberd, Full Command, War Banner, Mark of Nurgle

24 Chaos Marauders 198 points
Shield, flail, light armour, Full Command, Mark of Tzeenthch

24 Chaos Marauders 218 points
Shield, great weapon, light armour, Full Command, Mark of Nurgle

Rare Units

Shaggot (great weapon) 285 points

Warshire 130 point

I haven’t find any references about marked hero that cannot joint different marked unit but, unless I see the final book, I have maintained the old restriction.

Festus with the Nurgle Chaos Warriors.
So I have a super-hard unit with 3+ armor save, Regeneration 5+, poisoned attack, and Mark of Nurgle. The unit champion (really not bad with WS5 S4 T4 A3, poison attack and Regeneration 5+) can challenge tough hero while Festus can go against unit champion or enemy mages. It’s important to preserve Festus.

Vilitch with Marauders
The role of Vilitch is to dominate the magical phase with his abilities; he can generate a good amount of power/dispel dices for magical phase and Festus work in support role. The unit has a good static combat resolution (4 rank, standard, musician) a 5+ armor save and 6+ ward save. Before the combat I can choose from the flail and the shield/hand weapon combo. The unit champion issue the challenge before Vilitch, so I don’t have to lose my Lord against a better close combat enemy.

Standard Bearer and Marauder
Another unit of Marauder with great weapon, the same abilities as before but better psychology, thank to the Mark of Slaanesh. The hero boost the combat abilities of the unit and help with the army break test.
Classical role as screeners and to (remotely) hunt the enemy artillery.

Eye of Gods for my 3 units and to boost the champions.

The Shaggot role is to match all the menace that are over the top for my “not-so-good fighter” heroes. Steam Tank, Treeman with infestation, close-combat heroes and even Great Daemon stopped by the combat res of my units are all target of the Shaggot’s charge. With WS6, S8, A5 could inflict some serious pounce even to a Bloodthrester.
And I have some points left to spend.

06-10-2008, 22:08
Shaggoth is a waste. A unit of dragon ogres with great weapons and a champ (to benefit from the shrine) would be much more effective.

I am not sure you have enough magic to make up for your lack of mobility and shooting. One level 4 and one level 2 can be shut down by 4 dd and 4 scrolls for quite a while, and a decent combined charged will be enough to break any of your units without much trouble.

You seem to have left out the warhounds.

07-10-2008, 08:10
Yes, I have 3 untis of 6 warhounds.

Flipping the new WoC one of the major problem with the list is the inability to generate dd. With the exception of the Sorcerers, there is anything that generate dispel dices. So the list is very poor against magical heavy armies as VC. With a level 4 and level 2 sorcerers one has just 5 dd.

So the idea to use Vilitch that, with the ability Vessel of Chaos (converting in pp/dd the enemy failed attemp to cast/dispel) can overcome the problem.

BTW one chosed Vilitch, the army list is partially limited, as I need a huge block of infantry to cover him.

08-10-2008, 22:40
a note on the shaggoth, replacing them with dragon orges they are costly. you can buy 2 chaos orges (roughly) for every dragon orge and even give them mark, as well.

Another point with Vilitch. what happens after the champion dies? and the units get into a fresh combat?

I agree he is tempting, but is he really worth all those points? if you come agains a dwarf army or a army with very little magic, you will only be getting half the worth of him.

I think one of the greatest problems facing WoC generals will be the balance between, swift moving troops, number of troop (ie. cheap but effective troops to die). and having enough anti-magic, without losing all your attacking characters to do so

09-10-2008, 00:48
Throg makes all of that easy to accomplish. One troll king, two scroll caddies with mr to help their bunkers, and a solid core of trolls. Sprinkle on ogres of both varieties, knights, chariots, spawn, and maybe an alter or giant for good measure.