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06-10-2008, 22:47
Hey all, thinking of putting together a High Elf army so just thought I'd get some opinions on my list before I did.

Prince - Dragon Armour, Great Weapon, Shield, Loremaster's Cloak, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Jewel of the Dusk - 274
Mage - Level 2 Wizard, Annulian Crystal - 175
Mage - Level 2 Wizard, Dispel Scroll - 155
Mage - Level 2 Wizard, Dispel Scroll - 155
15 Sea Guard, Sea Master, Musician, Standard, Shields - 220
15 Sea Guard, Sea Master, Musician, Standard, Shields - 220
15 Sea Guard, Sea Master, Musician, Standard, Shields - 220
16 Sword Masters, Bladelord, Musician, Standard, Banner of Ellyrion - 285
6 Shadow Warriors - 96
Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100
Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100

Total 2000

So I'd stick a mage in each unit of Sea Guard and the Prince would run round with the Swordmasters who'd be in 2 ranks of 8. I felt a unit of Sword Masters running round with a 2+ Ward save against magic and moving through terrain was deliciously evil, and with a frontage of 8, I'd be laying down 15 Attacks and 4 from the Prince. Anything that survives that deserves to. I'd generate 8 Dispel dice with the Crystal, along with 2 Dispel Scrolls and 10 Power dice which could in theory be used to cast drain magic 2-3 times. The Shadow Warriors are march blockers and looking for any war machines which they can get to.

All feedback welcome.

07-10-2008, 01:40
You must now that sadly (their fluff is pretty cool) sea guard is still a terrible unit; they are way to expensive for what they offer and you would be better of just getting spearelves and other stuff.

The build on the prince is also really weird (go for combat with him) and i think you should get the ring of fury if you are going with so many mages, maybe also de ring of corin.

Finally get some eagles, at least 2.

Good luck

07-10-2008, 04:27
Chicorita is right. Sea guard were good in Storm of Chaos, really cheesy too. 200+ shots before the game started...Ah...those were the days. Anyways, your lord needs to be more combat oriented if he will be running with the swordmasters. I would say give him White Sword, Armour of Caledor, and Guardian Phoenix or Sacred Incense. That -1 to hit will be helpful. Those 660 points could be turned into 2 units of 20 spearmen with command. Then the other 250 points could be integrated to another unit of swordmasters or preferrably phoenix guard. Your mages will have protection from the phoenix guard.

07-10-2008, 11:53
I would agree with the other two on this list, how ever if you do want so sit back and blast the hell out of the enemy prehaps a unit of achers would fit in nicly after taking out the sea guard. I would agree Sword Masters with a 2+ ward against magic is pretty evil i might be looking into that... Also a couple of Great Eagles as Chicorita sugested would work wonders.


Time of Madness
07-10-2008, 14:54
I disagree with the other 3. The best and only use for segaud is as a mage bunker. I'd keep the units small though at 11 (12 with the mage). Throw them on a hill or hang them out behind your lines and they are great bunkers. This should free up some points for an additonal unit.

I don't think 3 level 2's is really going to be that effective. I think you'd be better off with a level 4 backed up by a level 2.

07-10-2008, 18:38
;)Nice to see a total HElf infantry list. I would not go with 3 Sea Guard Units as per the reasons above. However I have played against a player who fields two 13 Sea Guard Full Command units with a L2 Mage in each positioned near to 4 Eagle RBthrowers! It gives him a very strong firebase with a bit of punch. His Prince flaps around on a Grifon with that nasty bolt thrower bow claiming to be an Admiral of the Black Gulf Fleet. Light cav and Tchariots (folding salt proof light weight variety) litter his flanks. He claims every Helf can shoot better than the any Tree Whorshiping Elven Traitor

If you took one SeaGuard Mage Bunker to sit with your Bthrowers you could try a bit of his tactic.
Keep us posted as to how you go. LION

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10-10-2008, 14:13
You just dont seem to have ANY units that can stand up to an offensive combat or shooty army. Your swordmasters will get shot to pieces, and then just about any units will tear a new one in your seaguard regiments