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06-10-2008, 23:59
So, this is a warband I'm trying out against a friend that uses Empire (normally 3 units of 7 handgunners along with 5 knights, but often throws in a proper hero in place of the knights). I wanted a warband that was fast as 21 Handgunners can do a fair bit of damage.

Without further ado:

Wargor 80pts

Chaos Armour
Enchanted Shield

The idea here is a 1+ armour save in combat, and 2+ armour save from shooting will keep him alive for a long time, and as he'll be staying with the Beast Herd he can provide a bit more combat support, or give me a slightly better chance of remaining in combat if I do happen to get beaten.

Beast Herd 137pts

12 Gor
8 Ungor
Musician and Standard Bearer

Fast moving unit that the Handgunners will find difficult to hit, who can also do a lot of damage when they reach the Handgunners.

5 Warhounds of Chaos 30pts

I'll be using these to move as fast as they can towards the Handgunners, either drawing fire away from the Beast Herd, or simply using them to stop a unit from shooting.

5 Warhounds of Chaos 30pts

Same as above.

3 Flamers of Tzeentch 120pts


This unit will simply provide me with some return fire, and will also be used to back up my herd or Wargor in combat.

Total: 397pts

Any advice on how to make this list any better is welcome.

07-10-2008, 04:22
You can't have the flamers. Chaos armies cannot mix together anymore. So with those left over points, add another herd that is small but has a bit more ungors than gors. So basically a unit of 9 gors - 14 ungors if you can do it. This will be your hand gunner shield. The ungors will suck up the bullets and the gors will do the rest. And add 2 hand weapons each.

07-10-2008, 21:09
yo im lookin for warband rules to play with my friends can u give me a site that has warbands rules just private message me if ya do