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07-10-2008, 00:59
ok guys i luv skaven but i am in desperate need of an army. i am on a 300 dollar budget help me out guys i already have

35 clanrats
1 plague priest
18 plague monks
2 rat oger packs
1 giant rat pack
2 gutter runners

if you haven checked out my plan for a 2k point skaven list please do so. i would like to get at least 2k points my plan is to buy

1 boxed plague monks
1 battaloin
10 censer bearers
1 grey seer
1 screamin bell

help me1

bert n ernie
21-10-2008, 17:22
Hey there W3rm.
I only noticed this thread today. I think you need to try out some practice games first, of course. It really helps, as there are a lot of different units in the Skaven army which you could possibly take.
I tend not to take shooting units, wheras other people always have at least a couple.
You do need more clanrats definitely.
I'm not sure if you need more plague monks yet. I only ever take one unit.
You also should try 5-7 Plague Censers before you decide to buy any more. I find them great, and they often do well even in units of 5.
If you are buying a screaming bell you will get a grey seer with it. Don't glue the seer on to the bell to save yourself money. I'd suggest getting some other character.

The problem is that in half a year(well, about next July) a new book will come out. If you really want to start now then that's cool, but if you want to get some nice models and really know what they book will be like in years to come before you buy any more then you will have to wait for a while first.
Good luck with it.