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07-10-2008, 20:42
ok guys and gals u may have read my other please please help me threads but this is the last i assure you. god i sound so needy. but i have a challenge! if any1 can help me get a 2k army list for under $300 i will be your friend forever. here are the folowing models i have

1 plague preist
35 clanrats
18 plague monks
2 rat ogres
1 pack of giant rats

please plase help meh!!!!

08-10-2008, 17:58
2K? $300? Just get two battalion boxes.

That with what you have will EASILY give you 2000 points.

I leave you to make the list.

General Squeek Squeek
08-10-2008, 20:25
do you mind conversions??? if not then I'd suggest 2 battalion boxes. With the remaining 120 get some gnoblars, and empire. Mix the gnoblars, extra plague monks, and empire millitia/flagellants, into 1 unit and call em slaves. There should be enough extra to pick up some more characters, and ratling guns.

If you really want to fill up your points cheap pick a grey seer on a screaming bell. While I don't personally like this unit till 3k games it quickly takes up 1/4 of your points in one fell swoop.

09-10-2008, 06:53
I wouldn't go so far as buying 2 battalion boxes. Seeing as you already have almost one battalion's worth, I'd buy another one. I'd add to that a clanrat regiment box, a night runners box, a couple of weapon teams, 3 blisters of plague censer bearers, a warp-lightning cannon and 3 characters (chieftain BSB, warlock engineer and Grey Seer).
This would give you:
95 clanrats/slaves
38 plague monks
4 Rat Ogres
2 Giant Rat Packs
20 Night Runners/Gutter Runners
6 Plague Censer Bearers
Warp-Lightning Cannon
2 Ratling Guns/Warpfire Throwers
4 Characters

Buying these off GW would set you back exactly 303 US dollars.

With these I'd build the following 2250 list:

Grey Seer, Warpstone Charm, Dispel Scroll
Chieftain, BSB, Storm Banner, HA
Warlock Engineer, full kit, Storm Daemon
Plague Priest, Censer, Warpstone Amulet

25 Clanrats, Full Command, Ratling Gun
25 Clanrats, Full Command, Ratling Gun
21 Slaves, musician
21 Slaves, musician
3 Giant Rat Packs (the battalion has plenty of spare rats you can glue to bases to make the missing pack)
6 Night Runners, extra hand weapon
6 Night Runners, extra hand weapon

3 Rat Ogres
20 Plague Monks, Full Command (You'll have to convert a couple from clanrats, or make a unit filler)
20 Plague Monks, Full Command, War Banner
8 Gutter Runners, poisoned hand weapons, poisoned throwing stars

6 Plague Censer Bearers
Warp-lightning Cannon

I consider this to be a fairly balanced list with plenty of stuff to do in each phase and not an overwhelming amount of models to paint (anything less than 200 is normal when talking skaven!).

I feel this will give you a solid base to work from, giving you variety and not units you will NOT actually use. (As opposed to the 60 plague monks and 6 rat ogres you'd end up with if you went for the two battalions)

09-10-2008, 23:56
happy_doctor i really like that army its pretty balanced and i like the magic aspect of it i think ill try it. but i fotgot to tell you i have 2 gutter runners thanks you all!