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07-10-2008, 21:05
Hi all.

This is my first attempt at a Dark Elf list. I'm hoping with their special rules and bonus spells the Sorceresses will be able to power some good spells through his magic defense. The corsairs will supply flanking support for my big infantry blocks. The corssbows will support the bolt throwers. I'm probably going to face the black guard off against plaguebearers.

It's going to be going up against daemons on Thursday. Big block of horrors and 15 plaguebearers with matching heralds. Bloodcrushers or flamers. And a unit of seekers.

I'm torn about replacing one sorceress with an assassin, but he doesn't seem like he'd be able to get the job done against a nurgle herald, although he could probably take out the tzeentch herald pretty well.

So here it is. Thoughts always appreciated:

Characters 472

Heavy Armor
Sea Dragon Cloak
Great Weapon
Pendant of Khaeleth

Level 2
2 Dispel Scroll

Level 2
Sacrificial Dagger

Core 483

10 Repeater Crossbows 100

10 Corsairs 100

10 Corsairs 100

24 Spearmen
Full Command

Special 343

21 Black Guard
Full Command
Standard of Hag Graef

Rare 200

2 Repeater Bolt Thrower 200

Total 1498

Dark Apostle197
07-10-2008, 21:32
Black gaurd are unfortunately capped at 20.

Don't really see any other glaring problems. When I played against daemons the black gaurd wrecked blood letters and daemonettes(at same time) but not sure how well they do against plague bearers.

With the D3 extra attacks and manbane the assassin would have a decent chance to kill the herald. I think (Didn't do math)