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08-10-2008, 06:18
Battle report Orc vs. Lizardmen, 4000 pts.
It was a fine day in the fields, the sun shining and the weather fine. It seemed like nothing could ever spoil this good time.
Of course, this was not taking into consideration two vast armies marching straight for each other. The ground was shaking with a rhythmic tremor as block upon black of neatly aligned saurus warriors moved into position, and shouts and laughter filled the sky as the orcs had their internal rabble and squabble.
With an earth-shaking voice, the leader of the horde of greenskins, a vast Black Orc Warboss, belched his commands to his warriors. At the end of this day he they would be heading of with vast loot from the lizardmen temples.
Meanwhile, sitting on his throne, seemingly lost in deeper thoughts, the Slann mage priest carefully examined the enemy’s positions. It would be a bloody day, but never would they stand back or give up.

Armylist Lizardmen
Slann – Level 4, Plaque of protection, Plaque of dominion
Oldblood on Carnosaur – Spear, Itzl, Mirrored pool shield, Quetzl
Scar Veteran – Shield, Tepok, Jaguar Charm, Firefrog Venom, Sotek
Warchief – Sotek, Shield, Scouting, Scimitar
Skink Priest – Lvl 2, Diadem, Talisman

20 Temple Guard
15 Saurus
12 Skinks – Blowpipes
10 Skinks – Javelins
2 Jungle Swarms

16 Blessed Saurus – Spears, Quetzl
5 Cavalry – Huanchi
6 Cavalry – Chotec
5 Cavalry
3 Terradons
6 Chameleon Skinks

3 Salamanders
1 Stegadon

Total: 3991

Armylist O&G
Black Orc Warboss – Effigy of Mork
Orc Warboss on Wyvern – Shaga’s Screamin’ Sword, Warboss Imbad’s Iron Gnashas’
Orc Great Shaman – Level 4, Idol of Mork, Dispel Scroll, Amulet of Protectyness
Orc Big Boss in Chariot – Porko’s Pigstikka, Collar of Zorga
Orc Shaman – Level 2, WAAAGH Paint, Staff of Baduumm
Goblin Shaman – Level 2, Staff of Sneaky Stealin’
Night Goblin Big Boss – Mad Cap Mushrooms
Night Goblin Shaman – Lever 2, 2 Magic Mushrooms

19 Orc Big ‘Uns – Choppa and Shield
25 Orc Boyz – 2 Choppa’s
Goblin Wolf Riders – Bows and Spears
29 Night Goblins – Spears, 3 Fanatics, Netters
30 Night Goblins – Spears, 2 Fanatics, Netters
21 Night Goblins – Bows, 3 Fanatics
5 Snotling Swarms

15 Black Orcs – Nogg’s Banner of Butchery
7 Savage Orc Boar Boyz – Spears
Orc Boar Chariot
4 team Squig Herd
6 Squig Hoppers
2 Goblin Spear Chukka’s

Goblin Doom Diver
Snotling Pump Wagon

Total: 3997 points


Deployment was done according to the following map. The respective codes are listed below.


Sau1 = Saurus, HW+Sh
Sau2 = Saurus, Sp+Sh and Scar veteran
TG = Temple guard + 4th generation Slann
Ste = Stegadon
S = Skink Chief
Sk1 = Skinks with javelins
Sk2 = Skinks with blowpipes
SCav1 = Saurus cavalry
SCav2 = Saurus cavalry
SCav3 = Saurus cavalry
Sal = Salamanders
CS = Chameleon Skinks
SP = Skink Priest
Carn = Oldblood on Carnosaur
Ter = Terradons
JS = Jungle Swarms

Cha1 = Boar chariot with Big Boss
Cha2 = Boar chariot
SC1 = Spear Chukka
SC2 = Spear Chukka
SH = Squig Hoppers
WR = Wolf Riders, Full equipment
Wy = Warboss on wyvern
BO = Black Orcs
Big = Big ‘Uns, Choppa+Sh, with Black orc Warboss (general)
NG1 = Night goblins, Sp+Sh, with big boss
NG2 = Night goblins, Sp+Sh
Gi = Giant
Boyz = Orc Boyz, 2 choppa’s, with orc great shaman
PW = Pump wagon
NG3 = Night goblins, short bows, with goblin shaman
DD = Doom Diver
SHerd = Doom diver
SBB = Savage boar boyz
Snots = Snotlings with orc shaman

Not on the map (forgot him a bit), but he was running around all the time where the wolf riders started: night goblin shaman


Turn 1, Lizardmen

Red arrows: normal movement and fleeing
Dark red arrows: animosity movement
Blue arrows: magic movement
White arrows: shooting


The Slann Mage decided to face aggression with aggression. He command nearly the whole of his army to move forward and meet the Orc horde head on. However, he did have his scouts ready to launch some sneak attacks and try to disrupt the orcs advance.
While on the move, he decided to increase his left flanks protection against those nasty spear chukka’s on the hill and cast a celestial shield on his saurus warriors on that flank. Meanwhile, more magic was unleashed, and the Skink priest was enveloped in the translucent spirit of an angry bear.
The Skinks and Chameleon Skinks scouting ahead already opened fire upon the Savage boar boyz, who lost 2 of their comrades to javelins, and the Giant who lost a wound to poison.

Turn 1, Orcs



The Goblins where enthusiastic to get into combat, and both the wolf riders and the 2 big units of Night Goblins surged forward to show of to the others. While doing so, the Night Goblins unleashed a tide of Fanatics upon the Chameleon Skinks, who proved nimble enough to evade for but took 3 casualties from the fifth. The Wyvern riding Warboss took the initiative and made the first charge and flew head on at the Saurus cavalry on the bridge. They thought a retreat would be better and fled back, opening the way for the Wyvern to engage the Salamanders. However, even these fiery beasts decided it would happen another time and turned tail. Disappointed, the big winged serpent settled in the grass.
The rest of the army progressed forward. The Night Goblins had to face two of their own fanatics, but held on even though casualties where high. The Great Shaman quickly left the unit of Orc Boyz.
Then a barrage of magic began. The Goblin shaman was the first to unleash a bolt of pure green brain bursting magic upon a unit of Saurus cavalry, and destroyed half of them. The Night Goblin shaman asked Gork to fix some troubles, and would turn all 6’es rolled by the Slann and his Temple Guard into 1’es. The Orc shaman had less luck and saw his magic being absorbed by the Slann’s anti magic.
Then the Great Shaman Cast the WAAAGH, and all hell broke loose…
The entire horde of orcs surged forward, crew leaving their machines, minor goblins charging the most elite ranked warriors! The Wolf Riders crashed recklessly into the unit of Temple Guard, unaware of their truly tiny chances of success. Night goblins charged fearless into Saurus cavalry right after these brute lizard warriors were decimated by whirling green magic driven fanatics. Next to these little black-robed warriors, the Orc Boyz charged headlong into the fangs of the Carnosaur. The Savage Boar Boyz chased of some Skinks and driven them of the field.
It was time to shoot bolts of metal and flying gobbo’s, however all the crew were running around.
In battle, the Wolf Riders got utterly massacred by the Temple Guard, but in turn the Night Goblins wiped out the remaining Cold One Riders, and the Carnosaur fled the onslaught of the Orc Boyz. He did escape, though barely.

Turn 2, Lizardmen


The Saurus warriors decided to charge the Big Boss, who in turn decided combat was better fought with him charging, and fled. The Skink Chief charged the Squig Hoppers, who were unaware of the danger ahead, and took him head on. On the other side, Jungle Swarms charged the Pump Wagon and Saurus Cavalry aimed for the Snotling Swarms with the Orc shaman. It was a bad moment for Snotling-kind.
The Slann managed to pull his army back together, and the many fleeing units all managed to rally again. The Terradons decided that being in the charge range of Savage Boar Boyz is not a good thing, and decided to find a more comfortable location behind their backs. The Skink priest had the same thought, with fanatics whirling around him and hid behind a well. The Carnosaur moved out of the charge arc (a little mistake, he wasn’t supposed to be moving after rallying) of the Orc Boyz and decided to roar a bit hoping to make the Boyz flee in terror.
The Slann was less lucky in his casting, and the Shamans managed to dispel all his attempts.
When the Lizards opened fire again, it was the squigs who got unlucky, and a few where pierced to death by Terradon javelins.
In combat, the Skink Chief managed to wipe out the Squig Hoppers, and the Jungle Swarms chased of the Pump Wagon. The Snotlings were no match for the Saurus Cavalry, and both them and the Shaman got wiped out.

Turn 2, Orcs



The orcs were ready to go again, with a charge by a chariot starting of a wave of attacks. The Wyvern charged the Salamanders again, who this time dared to face the Warboss and his pet. The Black Orcs decided to engage the Temple Guard and the Cold One Riders.
After charges, the Carnosaur did his job and made the Boyz flee, taking a block of Night Goblins with them. The Savage Boar Boyz turned around, ready to take on the Cold One Riders on the left orc flank. The crews of the warmachines made it back to their trusted contraptions and the Giant moved to meet the Skink Chief.
The Big Boss in his chariot decided it was not a good day to flee the table, and rallied. The Pump wagon was less lucky, and fled straight through the Jungle Swarms, crushing a lot of the little buggers on the go.
In the magic phase, the orcs were less lucky. The Night Goblin shaman blew himself to smithereens after eating a wrong mushroom, and the Orc Shaman was already gone. The Great Shaman though knew what he was supposed to do, and envigored by Gork and Mork he once again pulled of the great WAAAGH. Here we go again!
The Doomdiver crew charged the Terradons (not even sure if crew can do this here, but it was cool!), the Big ‘Uns moved into contact with the Temple Guard and joined their Black Orc brethren. The Big Boss in his chariot charged into the Saurus unit where the other chariot was already fighting. The Savage Boar Boyz Flanked the Saurus Cavalry.
Everyone would say it is time for shooting, but for some reason the crews are (again) nowhere near their machines.
In combat the Doomdiver crew actually managed to wound one Terradon, but one of the goblins got killed in return. Even though outnumberd, they held their line.
The Black Orcs, Big ‘Uns, Temple Guard and Saurus deliverd blows back and forth, but ended undecided this turn.
The chariots didn’t fare well. The Big Boss failed to kill the Scar Veteran, and he was wounded in turn. The ranked numbers of Saurus were to much, and one Chariot fled, but the Boss held the line.
The Salamanders lost their battle against the Wyvern, but held their own.

Turn 3, Lizardmen

The Skinks painters got sick of all those maps, and since the combat line remained quite static from this point: no more maps.

At this point, the Saurus warriors joined the line with the Saurus cavalry and the Temple Guard against the Black Orcs and the Big ‘Uns. The Stegadon also joined in and charged the Black Orcs in the flank. In the mean time the Skink Chief attempted a charge at the Giant, but could not overcome his fear and fled away. The Carnosaur made a move for the Boyz on the other side of the field, who continued running.
The Slann tried to let the giant drop in a shady pit in the mean time, but the Giant seemed nimble enough to jump away in time.
When swords continued clattering, the Saurus on the Lizardmen left flank chased of both Chariots, killing one on the go. The Black Orcs were cut down to the last man, who fled and got ran down. The Big ‘Uns showed more courage, and held under the menacing shouts of their general.
The Terradons ran down the Doomdiver crew and ran into the Bow-gobbo’s.
The Salamanders finally made a breakthrough in the combat against the Warboss on Wyvern and ate the poor orc. The Wyvern though kept going and after passing its reaction test chewed a bunch of Skinks to bits. The Salamanders still held tight though.

Turn 3, Orcs

The Giant saw something nice and juicy, and decided to go get it. It turned out to be a Stegadon... A unit of Night Gobbo’s charged the Saurus in the flank to help out the Big ‘Uns.
The Night Gobbo’s kept on fleeing, but the Boyz rallied. The Pump Wagon crashed into a forest and little snotling bodies got scattered across the woods.
The Squig herd and the Boar Boyz headed for the Carnosaur, but still had some distance to travel.
Once again, the Great Shaman got ‘m all together and implored Mork (or possibly Gork) to unleash the third WAAAGH…
This enticed the Boyz to charge the Carnosaur, and the Boar Boyz to give it a try, though they didn’t get there in time. The squigs also moved a bit, but not enough.
In battle, the Big ‘Uns finally broke against the masses of lizards en fled away. Sadly, not fast enough.
The Night Gobbo’s did keep on fighting though. While being at it, the Boyz killed of the Carnosaur, and send the Oldblood running on foot. The combat with the wyvern and the Salamanders continued. The Giant gave the Stegadon a big headbutt, and kept it to that.


Turn 4

The giant ultimately fell to the Stegadon, after trying to hit it with his club, but missing. This was also due to a sudden wave of Skinks emerging from the bush. The wyvern finally defeated the salamanders.
The great shaman tried to finally cast something different and got Gork’s warpath going, but after stamping on some temple guard, Gork slipped and splashed the great shaman himself. The Oldblood was chased away by the boyz and the night goblins chased off the Saurus.

Time ran out, and the Orcs decided to head home before all would be lost.
Even though there were only 4 turns, the battle had progressed quite far. The WAAAGH move was not always the best thing to pull of, but it sure made for a vibrant and especially quick game, with combat already starting on turn 1.


Final result

2911 points for Lizardmen
2293 points for the O&G
The Lizardmen scored a minor victory with 618 points difference.

Man of the Match:
Lizardmen, by Joep
Well, that's a difficult one. The Slann was very important for me to win this great battle. Not that he had much influence with his magical power, but his dispel dice where well used, although irresistible force was well known by the greenskin shamans. More important though where his roles as general and battle standard bearer. LD9, cold blooded and re-rolls almost guarantees a steady battle line. But it's easy to nominate such a powerful unit, you spent many points for him to do this job.
Other nominees where the Saurus unit at the flank for killing two chariots and a boss and the skink chief for killing a unit of angry fungi single handedly. But the men (or monster) of the match award goes to the salamander hunting pack. They didn’t spout flames at all, but they kept the big boss on wyvern busy for the whole battle (thanks to my Slann though) and even managed to kill the greenskin riding the ferocious beast!

Orcs, by Ernst
Without much doubt, this is definitely the Orc Great Shaman. No less then three times in for magic phases he managed to pull of the WAAAGH. And as a Grande Finale he casts Gork’s Warpath and Gork then accidentally steps on his own underling, utterly squashing him as a bitter reward for his deeds.

08-10-2008, 06:20
Started posting in three bits... but that's not necessary, since pics are not displayed.

08-10-2008, 06:41
nice battle rep

08-10-2008, 12:14
Well saurus cav can't have spawnings, that's one thing I noticed. Another is you guys really like to be character heavy. Although in a battle report it makes it a lot easier to follow ; )

I like the board. Putting ones like that together takes a lot of tmie so it's nice you have someone in your group willing to do it. (Is it you?)

Like the mixture of tactical drawings and true pictrues. Good battle report and too bad the orcs didn't have better luck : )

08-10-2008, 12:53
mOre often then not my salamnders only get 1 o r 2 turns shooting before i charge with them myself. I really like them as a flanker unit, but they can handle themselves alone. My last game they held up a giant for almost most of the game after a couple quick shots the first turn.
I like the mix of maps and pics as well. Very nice battle report. I was sure the orcs would have it once the wyvern got over there and the slann seemed to be doing nothing. ANd the carnosaur... he should be ashamed lol

08-10-2008, 13:26
:)GREAT report Bradd...maps pic and flavour all excellent. Six turns would have made for an stand up ending, but hell you can't have eferything LION

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08-10-2008, 16:28
@ Malorian
Really? I believe they only have the spawning that allows them to ride cold ones, right? But I don't really checked his stuff...
Charachter heavy... actually, he accidentily though he could only take 2 lords and 4 heroes, instead of 3 and 5. But yeah, most orc characters are cheap anyway.
The board is not mine... I want to make one though, but I currently got one that is easier to put away. Still looks nice though, I could show it sometime.

@ Feefait
In a battle not long ago, I actually used the same wyvern guy to flank his unit of TG with Slann, and just slowly wiped them out. Perfect. Went better than this one.

@ Lion
It took us 5 hours to play this game... Yeah, six turns would be nice, but then we would have had to spread across two days.
Could also be nice, ofcourse...

08-10-2008, 16:42
That's why people are hoping they can take them in the new book. It would be really nice if you could.

I guess you aren't 'super' character heavy, but it took out from your troops. I'd was amazed at how few blocks there were in the 4000 lists and one of the biggest point draws I saw was characters.

08-10-2008, 20:29
Model-wise, the only ones I didn't take was a block of 30 gobbo's and a unit of 15 BO. Ow, and my arrer boyz, but I didn't really see a use for them in my plans. But I haven't got more :)

Don't worry though, I'm working on a new block of 25 boyz as we speak!

Also, I wanted a few things: 1 warboss to go with the boyz, 1 warboss on wyvern cause I love my wyvern and get to use it way to little and last: MAGIC!
I wanted to outcast the Slann. Why? Dunno. Just for coolness sake.

And the Big boss in chariot is just cool, and quite hitty.

warlord hack'a
09-10-2008, 12:48
nice report, one rulething though: if the drawings are correct the wyvern should not have been allowed to redirect into the salamanders: you draw a line through the centre of gravity of both units and that is the line the chargers and fleeing unit will be following and when your wyvern follows this line he does not get into contact with the salamanders..

nice tabel, get Joep to bring it when we organize a tourney here (I'm planning to send out an invitation soon).

09-10-2008, 12:59
Really? Where is 'here'?
Also, it would require a small truck to transport that thing! Its a 1 piece table of 6 by 4 foot...

I know about that, they should have fled straight from the wyvern, but we didn't really notice at the moment it happened. We just turned them around, and I let the wyvern continue it path straight from where it started and then it more or less clipped the sallies...
We made a few more mistakes, we don't play enough.

warlord hack'a
09-10-2008, 14:11
here is right next door to where you live remember (check you old messages in your pm box), and a small truck can be arranged as long as Joep lives here as well ;-).

09-10-2008, 17:17
Ow right, completely forgot.
However, Joep lives on the other side of the Netherlands, so I don't see him heading this direction any time soon...

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
10-10-2008, 21:36
Great battle report! It was a really enjoyable read.

Just two things about the Lizardmen army list: firstly, you cant have both the Venom and the Jaguar Charm on the same model, as they are both enchanted items. Secondly, why was the Skink Priest casting Bear's Anger? Were the Lizardmen using Sacred Host rules?

Other than that, great game!