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08-10-2008, 06:40
Exalted Champion - 175
Nurgle, Steed, Halberd, Amulet of Nurgle (coller)

Exalted Champion - 174
Tzeentch, Disc, Halberd, Shield, Golden Eye

(2x) Sorcerer in Chariot - 470
2 Scrolls

(3x) 5 Marauder Horsemen - 243
Flails, Mus

(2x) 5 Warhounds - 60

6 Knights of Chaos - 320
Nurgle, FC

6 Ogres of Chaos - 300
Khorne, Great Weapons

Giant of Chaos - 255

(nurgle champ goes with knights)
(knights and ogres get a chariot to go with)
(marauder horsmen harrass shooters march block and eventually flank or rear charge)
(warhounds deflect charges, screen and die)
(giant with s7 goes after anything he can squish)
(tzeentch champ goes after war machines and mages, fly and 4 S6 attacks should do fine)

What do you think?

08-10-2008, 14:42
:eek: Two Sorcers in One Chariot?....or two Level one unmarked Sorcers each riding their very own Chariot clutching a brace of DScroll?

I use Chaos Charters in chariots but would only advise one per army. If its a Soc Best make him a Level 2 & give him a Power Stone. Keep him back as a counter charger or 2nd wave leader.

The surprise or threat of a Unit S5 charriot flank charge is fun. Your army sure will be fast LION

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08-10-2008, 22:28
I think you will have problems with any army with a reasonable amout of block infantry, or that throw a fair bit of shooting.

Alway would not having a mark of slaanesh on the gaint be more useful? meaning the gaint always strike first. Having played against armies with gaint. I have found that after recieving the charge, they were quite easy to kill. because they strike after all most all troops.

Also have you not thought of the use of a nurgle sorcerer, with the combo of bloodcurling roar? ie "Curse of the leper" spell, reducing str and toughness by 1 and 2D6 str 1 hit with no armour save? this could mean you can pack more punch more. helping the cav to break units on the charge