View Full Version : Competitive 2250pt skaven horde

General Squeek Squeek
08-10-2008, 07:01

General Squeek Squeek (warlord)- Heavy armor, Great Weapon, foul pendant

Crazy Crinkles (warlock engineer)- full gear (minus pistol), storm daemon, dispel scroll

Looney Lary (warlock engineer)- full gear( minus pistol), dispel scroll

Banner boy Tweak (BSB)- storm banner


4X30 clanrats-standard, musician

2 ratling guns

4X20 slaves-

3X2 poison wind globadiers

4X7 giant rats

4X5 night runners


1X24 plague monks- standard, musician

1X6 gutter runners- slings, poison hand weapons


1 warplightning cannon

1X5 plague censor bearers

how will this list hold up against the newer army books mainly daemons and dark elves???

bork da basher
08-10-2008, 09:02
i played a similar list at 2000pts and it does pretty well. not played demons or dark elves with it yet but its yet to loose a game.

few things id try to change and thats beef the warlord up a bit, hes a good fighter and with a weeping blade and bands of power he's capable of killing anything, a great weapon will proberly see him half dead or worse before he gets to strike back. also id ditch the slings on the gutter runners and turn them into two units of 3 tunnellers. they really help tie up warmachine crews and shooting units, they inevitably die but they stop a good amount of shooting chewing you up when it counts.

if you have to drop things to make room id say the first to go should be a unit or two of night runners.

General Squeek Squeek
08-10-2008, 13:37
The main thing with a great weapon on the warlord is that the great weapons drawback isn't as prominent in fantasy. If they charge me then they'll be striking first regardless, and if I charge them I get to strike first. So only in later rounds does the great weapons weakness become apparent, and if at that point it would look bad for my general then to the back he goes ready to leave the unit asap.

The gutter runners have gone through a lot of changes for me. I usually use them as tunnelers to take out warmachine crews, but I haven't been facing that many of them as of late, and with my storm banner they're already gonna have a hard time hurting my horde. Fast Cav on the other hand has been a pain and the slings mixed with the poison weapons mean that I can definitely at minimum hold the enemies fast cav at bay.

08-10-2008, 15:20
I get much more use out of gutter runners as tunneling teams rather than scouts, but then again I haven't played against the new daemons yet, but vs DE small tunneling teams are great for taking out RBTs or hitting small crossbow units.

The only other thing i'd suggest is that taking giant rat packs of 2 isn't going to make them much more useful. Take units of one pack, that way they will rarely cause cause panic, whereas a big unit of 14 t3 no armor save and 1 rank bonus is a huge liability. And 1 pack will negate ranks just as well as 2 packs will.

General Squeek Squeek
08-10-2008, 19:13
Ok I've changed the giant rats to be units of 3. Now the enemy only needs to kill 3 rats to prevent me from breaking their ranks, so I was thinking how cheesy is using the rat torpedo with a single pack (7 ranks of 1 guy)? This way at most only 3 models are in base 2 base and they'd have to kill all three in order to break the ranks.