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08-10-2008, 12:47
I am attending a local tournament in a while, and I have an idea of what I will bring;


Archlector Siegfried Gnauberknös;
Armour of Meteoric Iron, The White Cloak, Van Horstmans Speculum and a Great Weapon.

Mage Bregobar von Brotstuck;

lvl 2, Rod of Power, Powerstone

Mage Leichter Eissenbahneswille;

lvl 2, Crystal Ball, Dispel Scroll (?)

Warrior Priest Ludmech Todkopf;

Sword of Might, Icon of Magnus, Barded Warhorse etc


23 Swordsmen with banner and musician
--> 5 archer detachment

19 Spearmen
--> 5 archer detachment
--> 6 handgunner detachment (?)

5 Knights with a musician

5 Knights with another musician


5 Inner Circle Knights with Full Command and Warbanner

5 Pistoliers with musician

1 Imperial Cannon

1 Imperial Cannon


1 Hellblaster

1 Hellstorm

I did end up in a tight spot here, as I do find 4 warmachines a bit over the fun-yet-fighting list I was trying to create when I dumped the War Altar. There are tweaks I can manage, like dropping a cannon for more pistoliers - but I dont really see this as that much more friendly.

I have added a few question marks, notably with Leichter Eissenbahneswille`s Dispel Scroll and the 6 strong Handgunner detatchment. Changes I might do here is to change dispelscroll for Orb of Thunder (no flying) /Doomfire Ring (Burning Head spell) /+1 Dispell Staff.
For the Handgunners im simply thinking of changing them for Halberdiers and have them follow the Swordsmen instead.

So basically im asking if you think you would have found this a fun list to play, speaking from both sides of the board.

Any comments apprechiated, thanks!


08-10-2008, 14:11
:) I would not mind playing your list. Its not to brutal but should give a bit of compition in this magic heavy New WH Age. I would go for your suggested Halb detachment change&dispel wand.

May the di be with U LION

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08-10-2008, 15:25
what about maybe a BSB in there just to give the inner circle knights some more CR. I know you were probably putting the warrior priest in there so maybe not

08-10-2008, 15:26
I would have plenty of fun playing this list and against it too. It's well rounded and strong without being powergametastic.

The halberdier attachment is a good idea, but exchanging your only dispel scroll for +1 to dispel isn't a good idea imo, because you really need at least 1 dispel scroll for the "just in case" situation when your 4 dispel dice fail to outroll your opponent's 3 pd.

08-10-2008, 15:37
well, I dont believe in the list =) it seems very small, and also very small amount of shooting. and static CR.

there are no real heavy hitters except the IC knights.. and they are in a very small unit. =)
My tip is to change your cahracters, either go magic heavy or pure magic defense. You will almost never have your mages to have an impact on the game with 2lvl2, have just one lvl1 or 2, make the other one a flying pegasicaptain. one of the best character choices in warhammer. :)

also, you need more handgunners, at least 20 would be fine as they can't be ignored by your opponent as a unit of 6 will be ;)

One general advice is to keep ypur amount of Magic Items in an army at so low points as possible. You don't need a Sword of MIght when you can have Greatweapon. ;) the same effect for cheaper points.

To make your army funnier to play against, get rid of the helblaster, use the points to get yourself more gunners, and/or maybe a mortar. And exchange your 10 archers to gunners, and add 4 more gunners, and you will have a better shooting phase, and try to have more knights.. 6 IC and 6 Pistoliers.

you will then have an army that can outshoot anything but skaven/empire/dwarfs, outrun eveyrthing except demons and bretts, can have a very sturdy defense with your 2 blocks who can be unbreakable. =) and best of all, that army is not a WAAC-army or a cheesy one.

08-10-2008, 22:25
Ohh! Lots of sound advice here :) So the Scroll is a stayer, and the detach is a comer in most of your opinions. Thanks!

@Kramplarv, appreciate your advice on how to "harden" my list.And I do know Empire can be loads harder than this both shooting, figthing and magicswise. But, in an environment of similar power lists, would you find this list fun to play? ..or still just weak?

08-10-2008, 22:33
Idea behind the use of the Dispellstaff would be 9DD to heft certain armies singledice-spamming, btw. Could very easily be just as handy as a scroll versus Treesinging/Invocations. I will have to playtest some more I guess ^^