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08-10-2008, 15:36
As I donít have much else better to do I thought Iíd write up a battle report from a game I played last night.

The game was GT table quarters scenario which meant you got 1 VP for holding your own quarters and 3 VPs for your enemyís. These are the only points you can score so you really need to keep the scenario in mind during the game.

My list,
Lector on altar with Speculum and +1 attack sword
Mounted priest with enchanted shield
Priest on foot
Lvl 1 wiz with +1 to dispel
28 Flagellants with prophet
21 Flagellants with prophet
18 Flagellants with prophet
29 Militia with full command
6 IC knights with Warbanner
10 xbows with 5 archers and 5 militia

His list,
All vamps had +1 to summon ghouls and ghoulkin somewhere
Lvl 3 mounted vamp lord with carstein ring
Lvl 2 on foot Helm of commandment
Lvl 2 on foot with periapt
Necro with scroll and stone
3 x 16 ghouls
10 ghouls
5 black knights
25 zombies with banner
2 x 6 wolves

Wolves ---zombies-ghouls-ghouls-ghouls-ghouls-wolves


------------------------28 flags----21flags---xbows

He ghoulkinned forward (a mistake he later admitted) and I won first turn.

Sig 1 - The nice thing about playing against M4 infantry with M4 infantry is that I can move forward at max speed and know I wonít be in charge range. So this is what I did. Magic didnít cast anything of significance, in fact I donít think it did all game besides a burning gaze in turn 2 on the left wolves reducing them to 3. The cannon misfired and missed this turn and next.

VC 1 - The ghouls all felt a little sheepish at being so near combat with nothing raised so shuffled about a bit. The other units moved up to the ghoul line except the 10 man ghoul bunker. Raising wasnít very successful due to my 7 DD with +1. By the way, the lord was in the left-most ghoul unit, the necro and helm vamp hung back in bunker and the other vamp was in the right-most ghoul unit (who werenít as far over as my map indicates - more like opposite the 21 flags).

Sig 2 - My knights see a daring opportunity to strike at the lordís ghouls as they only possessed 2 ranks. I had in mind a glorious set of rolls that might sweep the whole unit off in one goÖ Including outnumbering this would have involved inflicting 9 wounds on the charge (9 die then 9 + 1 crumble = 19 wounds lost overall) which was overoptimistic (8 knight/priest attacks with 6 horses). However they did fairly well and crumbled the unit to a pretty small size. All other units in my army shuffled a bit to set up counter charges should ghouls be manoeuvred into the knight combat (and should, shock horror, the knights flee next turn). The altar moved up to some wolves to block any charges from them and more importantly to block the knights or vargulf charging him.

VC 2 - Starting from the left, wolves charge flank of 18 flags, zombies move in front of 18 flags, next unengaged ghoul unit charges knight flank, shuffling in the middle and vargulf moves to flank of altar. Summoning is spent desperately on the lordís ghoul unit. I actually let a few of these go as the swing in numbers between the two ghoul units meant that my knights would be fleeing to safety instead of through the zombies. Foolishly, I didnít save enough dice to stop van hels getting the vargulf into combat with my altar. In combat the knights were broken and run down! Bad news indeed, the warrior priest himself wasnít missed too much, but the loss of a dispel dice was felt keenly :) The lordís ghouls didnít pursue far enough to engage the 28 flags in waiting but the other ghouls charged into the militia + foot priest. The varg did a wound to my lector. The wolves on the left fluffed their rolls and were wiped out, go martyrs!

Sig 3 - 18 Flags charge zombies, 28 flags charge lordís ghouls, 21 flags shuffle with militia detachment blocking last ghoul unit. Nothing much happened in shooting or magic (cannon killed 1 ghoul all game). My inability to cast anything (faced with 7 DD, periapt and scroll) meant that my lector couldnít get the soulfires or healing prayers that he desperately needed. In combat the 18 flags chewed through 23 zombies and the 28 flags obliterated the ghouls and lord! He had the gnarly carstein ring though and resurrected in the right most ghoul unit. The ghouls that had charged the militia miraculously didnít cause all that many wounds while I managed a couple in return. Having more ranks and numbers meant the militia won combat. The lector wet himself when he had to make four ward saves with 2 wounds remaining but saved all but 1!

VC 3 - Last unengaged ghouls charge the detachment which flees and we measure to see if they are in range of the 21 flags behind - and they are millimetres in! I believe this was a fairly critical moment in the game, as had they been out the vamp lord would again be faced with a crumble fest from another angry flagellant unit. It was here that things pretty much all fell apart for my army unfortunately. The lector didnít last much longer and with the loss of most of my dispel dice I couldnít stop raise dead spells from creating zombies all over the place. The lord + hero

This being a table quarters game I didnít stand much chance of pulling it back. The militia did however defeat the ghoul unit they were fighting so I would have ended the game with three strong infantry units. The two surviving flagellant units were stuck in the same quarter though and were chasing zombies. Had it been a normal pitched battle the game would have been a lot closer, however it werenít so it wasnít!

Things I learned - I need to keep my characters alive longer against undead. My lector will definitely be getting a 1+ save before the GT. I think Iíll also trade the staff of sorcery for the rod of power since the lvl1 always has 1 unused dice. The two she uses for spells are often wasted too as my casting phase isnít strong enough to get her spell through. The knights also wonít be inner circle, my tactics with them are far too fatal :evilgrin:

08-10-2008, 16:17
Ok, I read the lists (not the report yet) and I have to say your list looks doomed against his. Magic/ghoul heavy lists have a BIG advantage against flagellants.

*Goes to read report*

Gah!! Those naked ninjas are killer on the charge. With vanhels I assumed he would get the charges off. Anyway, too bad it fell apart so soon, and this was even after you almost killed off his lord.

With two attacks and poison ghouls can just eat through flagellants, even more so since after the first turn they have a hard time hurting the ghouls (and as I said more often then not the ghouls should get the charge). I never like flagellants, and only like them as a congo line, but your reports always make me second guess that as you always find a way to use them to such deadly effect.

Thanks for the report (even though it was cut short).

08-10-2008, 17:10
Hmm, good try, better luck next time!

Don't be rash though, charging in Knights when the odds don't favour you is a bad idea, especially when you'll probably lose combat and flee next round. You have to be patient against VCs, and engage multiple units at a time. At least take anti-fear items...

08-10-2008, 21:59
I equiped my AL with AoMI and the Holy relic he was nigh unkillable on foot and often boosted with Bears Anger.

I agree the 1+ save on him is a must for sure. I havent used the altar as I havent decided how I am going to desing my scratch build yet...still waiting for inspiration. How do you find the War Altar?

I think in my sigmarite build I would prefer to have my AL on foot leading great swords (themed models of witch hunters or Sigmarite accolytes / marshals / clerics - havent decided yet with war hammers) but the altar is such a cool model and has great rules. And I can see you planning to use it to flank charge anything that gets tar pitting by one of your 3 flaggie blocks.

Have you considered dropping some flaggies and adding a unit or two of archers to screen your very expensive and vulnerable and frenzied flaggies? archers fit you theme as being peasant yoemen and they will be damn useful as screeners and charge diverters and give you extra deployments.

Empire archery is the weakest shooting we have but shooting skirmishers are pretty damn useful and even can hurt his naked ghouls.

What I really like about your list is all those flaggies! if archers flee through them who cares - no panic check - and if the archers have muscians they have a good chance of rallying.

Perhaps give your warrior priest the Icon of Magnus (that is the anti fear gizmo IIRC) this way your hammer knights never autobreak. Also do you have cheap magic weapon on him? it will be nice to hit etherals. I love IC knights but have had a hard time freeing up the special slot for them. Perhaps even buff the unit to 9 models and go for a full unit strength of 20 and the daemon slayer banner for those times you do not fight ItP armies? I did find that the IC with GW at S5 all the time are great for grinding down undead.

I really like your list and theme its very similar to what I have been thinking about having for a sigmarite army.

But somehow I want the ROR Wilhelm Vampire Slayer dude in it - even if he never gets into combat he would intimidate the VC player - so good haha!

Perhaps raise your wizard to a full level 2 and if you have the RoP there are times when latter in the game you can use extra DD for PD and having 2 spells and the PD for them is great. Also the ability to cast 2 little spells will help get more prayers through. Lore of Light is a no brainer against undead - lotsa useful spells with low casting values. and the default spell will put the hurt on even a vargulf.

mind you - the Staff of Socery giving +1 dispell with 7 DD is so great for shutting down bound spells and IoN and gives 2DD a better then average chance of dispelling his 2PD throws. I think the full potential of the RoP is wasted if you don't have. I swear by my SoS in my DOW army and it costs the full 50 pts in that list - sob! no pts discount!

Good luck at the GT!