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The Red Scourge
08-10-2008, 20:45
One day my brain failed it seems, and I got myself a bunch of doomseekers and slayer pirates. Now I only need some ordinairy slayers and Malakai to get a slayer army moving.

Just wanted to know, what peoples experiences are with the little buggers, and how to field them? :)

09-10-2008, 00:31
Well, they're not really an official list anymore, after the new Dwarf Army Book was released. From what I've heard though, they were a bit dull to play with, and very easy to outplay because of a distinct lack of everything, well, not Slayers.

I'd rather go for a normal Dwarf army with as many Slayers as you can get in there, if you want to play Slayers that badly. In that case, I'd field them in small-ish units of about 10-15, and always have a Slayer unit closeby another, more flexible unit, like Hammerers or Dwarves with Great Weapons. That way, you can force your opponent into a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, where he'll have to either get stuck in the Slayers and get mad Dwarves in the flank, or vice versa. Playing Slayers on their own without any kind of support is frankly rubbish.

09-10-2008, 02:01
I dont believe slayer armies are a legal list. Which is frustrating as I have a huge slayer army.

The slayer army was hard and generally considered broken around my area. I played it about 6 times and no one wanted to play against it. I have not played against demons or vampires with it but I would not really see any problem.

They never run, you have lots of units and get extra VP's when killed by str 5 or higher and this wins you games. If you do play there are two banners that are a must take

1. Banner gives 5 plus ward to every one in 12 inches.
2. Banner gives you 1d6 move before the game.

Also take lots of doom reavers, the slayer warmachine and go nuts.

I found that the troops generally don't do much but the doom reavers and characters do all the killing. Give a character the multiple attack power plus a rune axe of ASF and watch a dwarf hero with 8-10 attackes per turn cleave every thing apart.

Be aware its a borning and unfun army to play against and will put people off very quickly.

The Red Scourge
09-10-2008, 04:48
Be aware its a borning and unfun army to play against and will put people off very quickly.

Well, It should be more of a comic relief army probably just a thousand points or so I hope it won't evolve beyond that ;) in between my WE and WoC :)

@Makaber. I want to do the slayer army, cause its the only part of the dwarves which has any kind of cool it won't be for any tournament games, though I believe the slayer army still is legal for that :)

09-10-2008, 10:49
I played a slayer list with my TK the other week, I thought great naked dwarf that i can out manouver and shoot to death... how i was so wrong. As necro stated there is a couple of banners that every slayer has, 1st the extra 1D6 movment before the game starts also there is an item or special rule that lets them move an extra 6 inches on the first turn so my poor TK had the stunties moving a minimum of 13inches by the 1st turn...ouch!! The doom reavers seem to have a special magic resistance which effects every spell cast in 6inches and does not need to affect them (screwing my incantations). They are monsters in combat but 4 of them couldnt take down a bone giant HAHA!

The 5+ ward is nice but its the only save they get so they still die in droves from shooting but in combat just remove your unit cos the character will just have it for breakfast.

Thier warmachine is ok but only againest ranked units so will slaughter slaves but trolls will be fine.

This is all from my experience from fighting them in 1 game. The highlight being my charriot unit with prince killing 20 slayers in a unit then having the general kill them all lol.

Be aware its a borning and unfun army to play against and will put people off very quickly.