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08-10-2008, 21:33
Trying to work out the best all comers list at 2k with Lizard men.

4th Gen Slan
Plaque of Dominion
Plaque of Protection

Scar Vet
Light Armor
Jag Charm

Scar Vet
Light Armor
Cold One

Skink Priest

13 Skinks
13 Skinks
13 Skinks
13 Skinks

4 Krox
4 Krox

3 Sallies
3 Sallies

The idea is that the BSB LD9 Frog anchors the Krox and some of the skinks
The Diadem allows me to either play a magic offence or magic defence game as required by the opponent.

Skinks and Sallies take ranks off the opponent while the Krox breaks them on the nose and the Sallies charge for flank.

The Scar vets lend assistance as needed and or Character hunt.

The main draw back I see is the lack of anti warmachine.

08-10-2008, 21:55
Skirmishers can't take off ranks. So your main weakness would be infantry.

Also since you don't have any infantry of your own you'll have problem with calvary which will run over the weak skinks (avoiding the krox) and going straight for the salamanders.

Dragons and other such fear/terror causing fliers will hunt down the slann and break him basically losing you the game.

I find that slann just don't fit in 2000 since you then don't have enough points to have an army to protect him.

08-10-2008, 21:57
The main problemb I see is that after a unit of krox dies, the other will likely get flanked, as the rest of your units are somewhat lacking in combat skills.

09-10-2008, 00:36
You don't really have anything to anchor your army around: it looks like a WE ambusher army but with a ball-and-chain Slaan attached to it. Try to fit points for at the very least a unit of Saurus to anchor the army around; temple guard would be better. To find points for this, consider dropping the veteran on the cold one. He's just so unnecessary.

Creeping Dementia
09-10-2008, 02:35
It seems like you are trying to cover all the bases, but the problem is the list isn't covering any of them well.

Magic, you have a moderate amount, but I just don't think you'll have enough impact to justify the points a slann costs (even just a 4th gen). My philosophy with magic is either take just enough to get through a couple turns of defence, or take enough to overwhelm your opponent, running down the middle is not effective. Also any fast CC units/characters are going to be gunning for that guy, cause once he's dead, you lose.

Shooting, this is perhaps your only real strength, two full units of Sallies bring havok on many different armies especially any elves, skaven, etc. The skinks will be good for taking down the bigger stuff too, but skinks aren't too reliable in that area so they're hit or miss. Better as distractions, annoyances and fleeing to set up charges for heavy hitting units... leading to the next point.

Close combat, from my years of playing with Lizards, you've either got to have some really heavy hitters, or solid blocks, unless you're real magic heavy. Kroxes for me generally just don't cut it, they don't do well against shooting and their weapon skill is crappy, often leading to wiffing on the first turn. Your Scar-vets will help a little, but they will not stand against the majority of CC characters that are out there, and they won't generate enough kills to overcome ranks.

Speed, last of all, most of your list is built to be fast and flexable, but your going to be stuck waiting for the frog that is out all alone, by himself, with no protection. Thats going to hold your whole army back and probably force you into the uncomfortable situation of either charging ahead to take advantage of an opportunity, but leaving your slann exposed, or holding back and castling up and letting you opponent control the board.

09-10-2008, 08:46
I think your army is quite okay actually. Perhaps not the *most* competitive lizzyarmy have ever seen, but still okay. I would perhaps drop the Cold One hero for a copy of the Jaguar hero - but with Venom of the firefly Frog and Tlazcotl too. Add a little Steed of Shadows, and you have a very useful tool ^^

09-10-2008, 09:09
46489Lone Slann may look cool hovering across swamps....but they will be a dream target for all armies. Any reasonable flyer or one luck Cast & the Smell of Chared Toad Meat will put off the rest of your noble Lizards. Hes a Golden Egg without a Basket.

I think the old boring way of taking a Slann in 2 Thousand is best. Two SPriests...Slann in a Saurus Unit....as many Krox's as you can find with Skink screens and a one shot Scar Missle if points alow. LION

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09-10-2008, 11:07
I dont know what "reasonable" flyers you are talking about here LION, but unless we are talkning Stardragon-levels here, my opinion would be that a Slann in a unit of Krox should manage atleast some of them.

Also, if you by "luck Cast" mean IF Pit of Smack-you-fatso, blocks of Saurii doesnt really mend that IMO.

One comment tho; with such good leadership as the Slann - you might want to have 5 units of 10 skinks for baiting/redirectioning purposes.

Finally, if you by "most competitive" mean WAAC - im afraid I cannot give too much advice based upon XP - but I would have reason to guess that come february there will be lots of toys to play with.