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09-10-2008, 06:25
Alright, I don't normally do this, but I am torn on 3 lists to take to a tournament in January. It is 2250 standard GT rules. They are:
Vampire Counts:
-Vampire Lord
Lvl 3
Dread Knight
Red Fury
Supernatural Horror
Blood Drinker
Black Pariapt
Bloody Hauberk

Standard Bearer
Dread Knight
Walking Death
Drakenhof Banner

Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Book of Arkhan
Cadaverous Cuirass

Dark Acolyte
Sumon Ghouls
Flayed Hauberk
Sword of Battle

-3 units of 10 ghouls with ghast

-5 Blood Knights
Full command
Royal Banner of Strigoy

-5 Black Knights
Full Command
Screaming Banner

-5 Cairn Wraiths

Amry 2: Dark Elves (Har Ganeth Theme)
-Crone Helleborn

-Death Hag
Cauldron of Blood
Hand of Khaine
Rending Stars

-Death Hag
Army Standard
Hydra Banner
Witch Brew

Ring of Darkness
Heavy Armor
Sea Dragon Cloak

-20 Witch Elves
Full Command
Venom Sword

-20 Witch Elves
Full Command
Rune of Khain

-2 units of 10 Reaper Crossbowmen

-Black Arch Corsairs
Full Command

Army 3: High Elves
Star Dragon
Star Lance
Vambraces of Defense
Dragon Armor

-Dragon Mage
Lvl 2
Silver Wand
Dispell Scroll

-10 Archers

-20 Spearmen
Full Command

-Sword Masters of Hoeth
Full Command
Talisman of Loec
Banner of Balance

-Dragon Princes
Full Command
Lion Standard

-2 Repeater Bolt Throwers

So which would you rather play with or against?

09-10-2008, 16:17
Your VC Lord is illegal with 2 magic armours. your 3 min units of ghouls I would be wary of loosing especially with only 2 casters for 3 units. Your blood, black and Cairn's may buy you time enough though. A smart magic defence or another VC with 2 balefire carts will shut you down.

I don't know the other 2 lists well enough to comment.

09-10-2008, 17:04
I would never take any of those lists. Those lists are why non tourney player hate us tourney players. The VC list isn't even warhammer, with so few units. The DE list has a special character in it, and they are never balanced for tourney play. Dragons are also not balanced for tourney play. Any game with a dragon becomes a dragon hunt, and the game is won or lost on that point. Two dragons makes that problem even more extreme.

If you were to replace Helebron with a regular lord choice, the DE list might be best. Otherwise, your VC list looks the least abusive to me.

09-10-2008, 17:57
These lists are the only ones I can get painted in time with my other projects, the DE list needs the special character for the core witches (otherwise I wouldn't have taken her) and dragons are the only reason I wanted to play high elves in first place. I also resent the blanket statement that special characters are not for tourny play. They are not "special characters" anymore. They are part of the army lists and are just lords and heroes with names. They are the only way to modify army lists in many cases and so many people use them in normal, friendly games that I would be supirised if there are more than 5 armies at this tournament without one. In all honesty I don't think any of these lists is increadibly effective. Most are one trick ponies but the low model count will let me get them painted in time. I've played these lists in the shop a few times and the VC one seems to be the most powerful by a good margin. The lord is illigal though, should have caught that... Changing.